The Year Book of Indian Philately : 2012

  The Year Book of Indian Philately : 2012

   You must have seen some of the earlier editions of the Year Book. The Year Book has deservingly carved a niche’ for it on the contemporary Indian Philatelic Literature scene. Earlier editions of the Year Book were highly acclaimed all over and have won a number of National & International Awards for their contents, coverage and presentation. In 2012 alone, it has won a Silver Medal at the IPhLA 2012 at Mainz, Germany; the largest, most comprehensive and only international exhibition in the world focused exclusively on Philatelic Literature and a Silver Bronze at SHARJAH 2012, FIP & FIAP endorsed, 28th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition.


          A number of sincere and knowledgeable philatelists author articles on a spectrum of subjects with universal appeal for the Year Book, spearheaded by Sh. Ashok Bayanwala, a noted Philatelic Historian of  Modern India. A number of other fine philatelic authors like Ilyas Patel, Naresh Agarwal, Dr Satyendra Kr Agarwal, Sudhir Jain, Prashant Pandya and the likes, offer gems from their immense knowledge to make a Year Book edition as it is. A team of budding neo-writers also follow them, which include the names of Deepak Modi, Sreejesh Krishnan and a number of others, including the able Editorial Team. The collective efforts of all these names have made the Year Book a literature masterpiece to preserve. It has become a collectible on Indian Philately with lasting significance.


          2012 edition of the Year Book includes important philatelic texts / articles on some important subjects in Indian Philately, like


 – World famous Modern Indian Postal Historian Sh Ashok Bayanwala has authored an article on Indian “ P Stamps ”, known as “My Stamp”s in India, a very contemporary subject about very interesting & colourful philatelic collectibles, encompassing the history of “My Stamp”s from the very first issue in 2001 to the date. A must read.


– The 2012 edition contains an exclusively commissioned article on “Indian Service Stamps”, a sinfully ignored aspect of Indian Philately until now. The article highlights some unlisted & unknown-till-now denominations of Post Independence Indian Service Stamps. Service stamps were discontinued in 2001; but the article reveals that these are still being printed & distributed by the department with un-deniable proofs and pictures of the specimen. A revealing article.


– Well known versatile philatelic writer  Naresh Agarwal has penned an illustrative text for the edition, focused on “Indian Bazaar Cards” , a very interesting and reflective component of the Indian Postal Stationery of Pre-independence era. The article throws all-round light on these cards, which are an integral part of the Indian Postal History and of the Social History as well.


– Dr Satyendra Kumar Agarwal, a very much recognized philatelic author of high repute, has added the flavor of the Thematic Philately to the Year Book’s this edition with his well researched well illustrated article on“Miniature Paintings of India”. A delight to go through.


– Master of his subject, Sh Ilyas Ahemad Patel has also added to the readability of the edition with his focused article on his specialized subject “ Indian Bridges in Philately”; another well researched interesting thematic article.


– “Virtual Philately” , the latest incarnation of philately, specially to attract the ‘Generation – IT’ to its fold, is the subject of the write-up authored by Sudhir Jain for this edition of the Year Book. This tells, how to become a philatelist without spending even a paisa.


– The Preface of the 2012 edition of the Year Book has a write up highlighting the “Importance of the Local Philatelic Organisations”, the foundation stones of  the organized philately, in totality and modern contexts.       


– Some more useful texts, assembled by the Editorial Team of the Year Book for this edition include, India’s New Meter Marks : RMFM Marks; e-Philately : list of useful philatelic web-sites; Philatelic Code of Ethics, & Global Philately : Significant World Philatelic Organisations to make the Year Book a very useful reference publication.


– From a recording perspective, the Year Book 2012 records details of the happenings of 2012 in Indian Philately which include,  Indian Awardees at

International Shows, Issue Programme for 2013, Indian Issues of 2012 ( including miscellaneous issues), Postal History 2012, Events & Society News 2012 & Philatelic Tidbits from all over the world.


– Like the earlier editions, all the commemorative issues of the edition-year are explained with extensive thematic & technical details including illustrations, with a view to explore the contexts of the issues for the collections of the philatelists. For more detailed coverage, the illustrations of the stamps have been replaced by that of the complete FDCs of the issues, to make them more useful and illustrative for the collectors.


– Details of the current Indian Postal rates including for the Premium Services of India Post like  Speed Post (including International Speed Post ), Greetings Post, Media Post,  Bill Mail Service, Direct Post & so on.


– A three part bibliography for the editions of the Year Book is also integrated in the edition for the readers’ ready reference. Three parts of the bibliography are focused on The Individual Articles, The Subject wise Classification & The Authors.


           In every sense of the word, the 2012 edition of the “Year Book of Indian Philately” has become a “must” for every philatelist interested in any aspect of Indian Philately. The knowledgeable philatelists have seen it and have approved it to be so.


           With a view to make it easily accessible for all, the price of the 300 page strong 2012 edition is kept as low as Rs 300/- per copy, equal to just the Xerox cost of a same-sized publication.  For the bulk orders from the groups and societies, the price can further be negotiated. Registration & Postage will be borne by us for the philatelists through-out India . Literature dealers are requested to communicate separately for their requirements and terms & conditions for them.


           Believe us, you are missing a great chance to enjoy contemporary Indian philately if you do not have this edition of the Year Book with you. Just send an M.O. ( only M.O.s are accepted ) for Rs 300/- at the following address and you will receive your copy of the 2012 Year Book by registered post. It is a steal at this price.


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