Minature Sheet – Great Britain – Letter Boxes

Minature Sheet – Great Britain – Letter Boxes

Great Britain issued a miniature  sheet with four Stamps on Letter Boxes. The letter Boxes shown are those hung during the reigns of Queen Victoria ,    George V , Edward VII and Queen Elizabeth II. These stamps depict the Two hundred Years of History of leetter boxes.

Ist Class – The Box pertains to reign of George V . Cast In London by W Allen & C0 between 1933 and 1936 it stands in use at Cookham Rise near Maidenhead , Berkshire.

56 p – Box on stamp Belongs to first decade of 20th Century and reign of Edward VII, Commonly known as Ludlow after James Ludlow and Sons who made these boxes, the example on stamp is from Bodiam, East sussex.

81 p – this stamp carries the oldest Letter Box, the 1896 Box one of the 300 introduced carries the Cipher of Queen Victoria and comes from near Hythe , Kent.

90 p – The letter box on stamp is from Queen Elizabeth’s reign made in 1962 or 1963 and located in Slaithwaite near Huddersfield.

There are about 114,000 letter Boxes inuse in Britain . The oldest surving letter box was hung in the wall of a Post Office in Wakefield on 1809 and shown on the miniature sheet.