Odd Shaped Stamps – Thailand

Odd Shaped Stamps – Thailand

A miniature sheet issued by Thailand on 02 April 2007 containing Four stamps .

Stamps were issued to commemorate the Thai Heritage Conservation Day 2007 and to enhance public awareness of the importance and value of national arts.

Ecclesiatical Ceremonial fans or Monastic Fans are fans used by Buddhist monks when they are invited to perform religious ceremonies. H.M. King Chulalongkorn had monastic fans created to present to members of the royal family; for instance, royal birthday celebrations, royal house-warming ceremonies, royal coronation ceremonies or even for inauspicious events, such as royal cremations.

The four designs of the monastic fans on the stamps are the award winning stamp paintings from the 2005 International Letter Writing Week postage competition, under the theme “Ecclesiastcal Ceremonial Fans”.

Design1 : Ecclesiastcal Ceremonial Fan Bearing the Royal Decoration Commemorating the 1895 Royal Ceremony in Celebration of King Rama V’s Reigning for 10,000 Days.

Desing2 : Aiyaraphot Ecclesiastcal Ceremonial Fan Commemorating King Rama V’s 1873 Coronation Ceremony.

Design3 : Ecclesiastcal Ceremonial Fan Commemorating the 1885 Royal Ceremony in Celebration of the Length of King Rama V’s Reign Being Coterminous with That of King Rama IV.

Design4 : Ecclesiastcal Ceremonial Fan Bearing the Royal Insignia of King Rama V Commemorating the 1895 Royal Ceremony in Cerebration of the King’s Reigning dor 10,000 days.

Printing Process: Lithography Metalic gold and red colour foiled, Multi-colour