Forthcoming issues – Hong Kong 2009

Forthcoming issues – Hong Kong 2009

HONG KONG 2009 – 23rd Asian International Stamp Exhibition

Issue date: 14th May 2009

A stamp sheetlet will be issued on 14 May 2009 (on the opening of the Exhibition) to mark the occasion. The stamp sheetlet is novel and distinctive by using tangram as its design theme. Tangram is a kind of puzzle comprising of seven flat pieces. Players need to use their wits and creativity in coming up with endless patterns. Tangram figures in different postures are featured in the stamp sheetlet to give a sense of flexibility and versatility. Thus it suggests that the youth strive to bring out their best by seeking challenges and breakthroughs. And this is perfectly in line with HONG KONG 2009’s theme concept of “Youth Philately”.

In this stamp sheetlet, the stamp adopts special printing effect to turn itself into an interactive game. By placing and slightly moving the enclosed screener, one can see surprising pattern and words on the stamp.