Special Cover – Palash, State Flower, UPHILEX 2011– By India Post

Special Cover – Palash, State Flower, UPHILEX 2011– By India Post

Issued during 10th UP Philatelic Exhibition, UPHILEX 2011 , Lucknow. Cover depicts Palash, State flower,Lucknow. The cancellation depicts  flower.

Palash, Dhak, Palah or Tesu tree is a common sight in North, Central, South and North East India. It grows from seed. The tree has medicinal value in Ayurveda.

Legend says that Lord Krishna used to play Holi with Tesu flowers, so there you have it. The flowers are soaked overnight in water and can also be boiled to obtain a fragrant yellowish orange colored water. The dried flowers can be dried and powdered for a orange powder.

Holi with tesu flowers

The tesu flowers are traditionally used for colour-play in the spring festival of Holi. Tesu flowers are boiled in water to give a fragrant, deep yellow water which has medicinal properties and prevents skin problems in the coming summer.

For Holi celebrations, Vrindavan’s Radha Vallabh temple uses warm tesu water from huge silver cauldrons, and brass water sprinklers – pichkaris to spray colour on everyone in the temple courtyard.

Date Of Issue:-18.11.2011.

Contributed By :-Mr Sandeep Chaurasia, Gorakhpur

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