Birds on Stamps – Bustards and Korhaan-Bophuthatswana (Botswana)

Birds on Stamps – Bophuthatswana (Botswana)

Birds of the Veld – Bustards and Korhaan- These are large terrestrial Birds inhabiting plains and Savannas

A First Day Cover from  Bophuthatswana with four stamps on Birds issued on 14- 9-1983. The Birds on stamps are

10c-   Kori Bustard – Largest of its family.

20c – Black Korhaan – Noisy bird  and inhabits grasslands.

25c – Red- Crested Korhaan –  Common in dry acacia bush, red crest is clearly shown by male during courtship.

40c – Stanley Bustard – Large shy bustard inhabits short grass, during courtship the male inflates its neck pouches.