FIFA World Cup 2014 -Countdown -Philatelic Coverage

FIFA World Cup 2014 -Countdown -Philatelic Coverage

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Football will be played in Brazil from 12 Jun to 13 Jul 2014. It will be Second time that Brazil is hosting the World Cup -earlier it hosted in 1950. The National Teams of 32 Countries including hosts will vie for the World Cup Trophy at 12 different City Venues in Brazil.

Stamps on 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa.

Stamps on Football –Belgium – FIFA World Cup 2010

Belgium issued  a   stamp on  FIFA World Cup 2010  played in South Africa . The Stamp was issued on 14 Jun 2010 and shows football .

Indian Stamps – Year 1974 – By India Post

Indian Stamps – Year 1974 – By India Post

25th Anniv. of Indian Territorial Army  (25np)

Date Of Issue:-16.11.1974.

19th International Dairy Congress  (25p)

Date Of Issue:-02.12.1974.

Help for Mentally Retarded Children (25p)

Date Of Issue:-08.12.1974.

Birth Centenary of Guglielmo Marconi (Radio Pioneer) (2r)

Date Of Issue:-12.12.1974.

Saint Francis Xavier’s (Apostle) Celebration (25p)

Date Of Issue:-24.12.1974.

1974 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-

Lighthouses on Stamps – USA

Lighthouses on Stamps – USA

Sabine Pass Lighthouse – A 44c stamps was issued on Sabine Pass Lighthouse , Louisiana. It is a historic lighthouse on Louisiana side of River Sabine which started operation in 1857 and was deactivated in 1952.

Sand Island Lighthouse – A  44c stamps was issued on Sand Island Lighthouse , Alabama. It is a historic lighthouse on Northern tip of Sand Island in Lake Superior which started operation in 1881 and was deactivated in 1980.