Stamps on Namib Desert – Namibia

Stamps on Namib Desert – Namibia

The Namib desert is a region of contrasts from coast to inland mountains to sand dunes.

A set of four stamps were issued on this region.

30c- Sossusviel- Dunes surronding Tsauchab river & Naukluft Mountains.

40c- Blutkuppe – Blutkuppe or blood hillock is a granite mountain.

65c -Homeb -Landscape around river Kulseb with acacia trees variety of Birds and dunes.

85c -Moon Landscape -Desert Canyon

Gazelle Oryx is featured on the cover.


Stamps on Desert Scenery

Millennium 2000 FDC’s JORDAN – FDC’s of World

Millennium 2000  FDC’s  JORDAN – FDC’s of World

JORDAN  issued stamps to mark the Millennium 2000. FDC issued on 22 FEB 2000. Stamp shows Jordanian flag and Jordan- River and the Land Of Baptism.