Nowruz Spring Festival -FDC IRAN – Iranian New Year

Nowruz Spring Festival -FDC  IRAN – Iranian New Year

INDIAN STAM GHAR wished its readers A Happy Nowruz.Nowruz is the Persian New Year . It marks the First Day of Spring and the Beginning of the Year in Iranian Calender. It is celebrated on the day of astronomical vernal equinox which usually occurs on March 21 or previous/following day. The Sun leaves the Zodiac of Pisces and enters the Zodiac sign of Aries ,signifying the Spring Equinox.

A FDC with Four stamps on Flowers issued on 11  Mar 1987  to mark New Year.

Stamps on Twelve Days of Christmas – Guernsey

Stamps on Twelve Days of Christmas – Guernsey

The Twelve Days of Christmas are festive days beginning 25 December.This is also known as Christmastide & Twelvetide. The Twelfth night of Christmas is always on the evening of 5th January.In western Christianity these are

Day 1-25 Dec-Christmas Day             Day 2-26 Dec-St Stephen’s Day

Day 3-27 Dec-Feast of St John         Day 4-28 Dec-Feast of Holy Innocents

Day 5-29 Dec-Feast of St Thomas    Day 6-30 Dec-Feast of Holy Family

Day 7-31 Dec-Feast of St Sylvester Day 8-01 Jan-Solemnity of Mary

Day 9-02 Jan-Octave Day of St Stephen

Day 10-03 Jan-Feast of St Genevieve

Day 11-04 Jan-Octave Day of Feast of Holy Innocents

Day 12-05 Jan- Feast Day of St John Neumann .Evening is Twelfth Night

A set of 12 stamps and FDC released by Guernsey to mark twelve days of Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas-ISG