Special Cover – Krishna Pushkaralu – By India Post

Special Cover –  Krishna Pushkaralu  – By India Post

Krishna pushkaralu occurs once in twelve years. It is a festival of river Krishna which lasts for 12 days. A large number of devotees gather near the holy river of Krishna to have the holy dip. It is considered that Krishna pushkaralu water washes away the sins of the devotees. The auspicious occasion of Krishna pushkaralu began in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on 12th August 2016 with people taking holy dips at several pushkar ghats constructed along the river Krishna.

Alampur is a temple-town on banks of River Tungabhadra, situated in Mahbubnagar district, in the state of Telangana. Alampur is the meeting point of the sacred rivers Tungabhadra and Krishna and is referred to as Dakshina Kashi (also known as Navabrahmeshwara Theertha). The Sacredness of Alampur Temple is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. The principal deities at Alampur are Brahmeshwara and Jogulamba or Jagulamba.

The Jagulamba (Jogulamba) temple is regarded as a Shakti Peetha. According to Hindu mythology, “Oordhva Danta Pankthi” (upper jaw with tooth) of Devi fell here and the place formed as a Sakthi Peetham. During 1390 AD, the original temple was demolished by the Muslim invaders, led by Bahamani Sultans and the main idol along with the consorts was damaged by them. But some devotees resisted the invasions and protected the disfigured idols of Jogulamba with other consorts; repaired and kept them in the Bala Brahma temple. Later the temple was rebuilt after 615 years.

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Date Of Issue;-12.08.2016.

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