Special Cover – India 89 World Philatelic Exhibition New Delhi By India Post

FDC & Special Cover – India 89 World Philatelic Exhibition New Delhi By India Post

India 89-International Stamp Exhibition held at New Delhi from 20th to 29th January 1989, was organized by the Department of Posts, India, in cooperation with the Philatelic congress of India, and under the patronage of the Federation International de Philatelie.Department of Posts, India has started the preparation of exhibition in 1987.  A set of two stamps pertains the design of, stylized Swan, regarded as a messenger of good news – adapted from the story of “Nala – Damayanti”, as a logo of exhibition and the Hall of Nations, Pragati Maidan the venue of the exhibition released along with beautiful Miniature Sheet on 1th June 1987.

A set of four released stamps was released on the Inaugural Day of the exhibition on 20th January 1989 with the designs of “Stamps Collection-Hobby, Traveller’s Coach (Mail Cart) & Post Office, Travancore Anchal Stamp of 2 Chakrams on Stamp and Early Philatelic magazine”.

FDC 1989

Special covers were issued for all the 9 days and each day was marked as “ World Philatelic Day, PCI Day, Stamp Trade Day, Army Postal Service Day, Youth Day, India Day, FIP Day, Awards Day &  Postal Service Day.

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