Special Cover – Gandhiji – Ahimsapex – 2012, Lucknow

Special Cover – Gandhiji – Ahimsapex – 2012, Lucknow

Special cover depicting diffrent means of Transport related with freedom movement used by Gandhiji Pad-Yatra, Bicycle-Yatra, Car-Yatra, Rail-Yatra and Jalpot-Yatra.

1.Pad-Yatra- Dandi March: In March/April 1930, Gandhiji undertook a march to the sea coast at Dandi to break the salt ban, signifying the civil disobedience movement. Dandi Yatra and Satya Graha created unprecedented enthusiam all over the country.

Bicycle-Yatra:- At the end of 1927 the British Govt. in London appointed a Commission headed by Sir John Simon with 10 British members without any Indian into a system of working of Govt. in India. This Simon commission was bycotted all roubd and was rendered ineffective.This revolution was also headed by Gandhiji.

Jalpot Yatra (Ship):- Gandhiji depart to England on Sept 4th, 1888 by a ship. He was 18 years old. This ship on which Gandhiji sailed to England the S.S. Clyde would have looked similar to this ship, which was from the same fleet.

Date of Issue:-02.10.2012.

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