Stamp on Baisakhi – Canada

Stamp on Baisakhi – Canada

Canada issued a stamp on Baisakhi.

Designed by Stacey Zabolotney, the stamp features the Khanda, a symbol which appears on the Sikh flag. The symbol derives its name from the double-edged sword (the Khanda) at the heart of the logo. The Khanda is a metaphor of divine knowledge, its sharp edges cleaving truth from falsehood.

One of the first Sikh groups to arrive in Canada came in 1897 as part of a British Army unit which passed through our nation while returning home from Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee celebrations.


Special Cover – India of My Dreams – Mahatma Gandhi – By India Post

Special Cover – India of My Dreams – Mahatma Gandhi  – By India Post


Cover depicts Kanpur painting made by Alwar children’s depicting various painting,  Gandhji on yatra, Gandhiji with Indian Flag and Charkha, Indian map showing all people living together in India, Christian, Sikhs, Hindu, Muslim

Date of Issue:-04.10.2012.

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