My Stamp 2016– Indian Navy, Defense Theme – By India Post

My Stamp 2016–  Indian Navy, Defense Theme – By India Post

Date Of Issue:- June 2016

My Stamp 2016

Miniature sheet – Bahamas – Columbus Ships

Miniature sheet – Bahamas – Columbus Ships

A Miniature sheet issued by Bahamas with one stamp of $ 1.50   showing the Three small ships used by Christopher Columbus in his First voyage namely            NINA , SANTA MARIA & PINTA.

Ships Wrecked in Bermuda

Ships Wrecked in Bermuda

Bremuda released a set of 19 Stamps on 16 Jan 1988 showing ships wrecked in Bremuda. The ships on different denominations are

18c –  ‘Madiana’ wrecked in 1903

20c – ‘San Pedro ‘ Wrecked 1594

25c – ‘ Alert ‘ Wrecked 1877


Operation Drake – Stamps By Jersey

Operation Drake – Stamps By Jersey

1978 – Operation Drake
Colonel John Blashford-Snell and HRH Prince Charles launched Operation Drake, running youth projects from ships circumnavigating the globe, to develop self-confidence and leadership through adventure, scientific exploration and community service

Jersey issued five  stamps on  Operation Drake on 01 Oct 1980.

Eye of Wind was the Flagship of this expedition and is featuring on two stamps (7p & 171/2 p ).


Two famous books on this expeditions also exist “Voyage of discovery: Operation Drake/Raleigh by Andrew W Mitchell.

Operation Drake by John Blashford -Snell Published in 1981, W.H. Allen (London)




Pvt.Maxim Cards-Indian Coast Guard

Private Maxim Card-Indian Coast Guard

Air capabilities of the Indian Coast Guard,showing a Donrnier Fixed Wing aircraft and an Advanced Light Helicopter.

The surface capability of the coast Guard is shown through stamp and maxim Card depisting Hover craft and an Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel.