Special Covers – NEPEX – 2012, Shilong – India Post

Special Cover – State Animal of Mizoram , SAZA (Serow) – India Post

Special Cover – Kangla, Manipur – India Post

Special Cover – Traditional Accessories of Nagaland– India Post

Special Cover – Unnokoti, North Tripura – India Post

Relaesed at NEPEX – 2012, Shilong

The organiser are totally unknown about philately so they issued cancelled covers without stamp and the staff are totally ignorant about the word Philately . I do not understand why this exhibition was held in Shilong , it appears the authority just wanted to spend fund allotted by central govt.The authority should have trained their staff instead of holding this exhibition. What was the need to issue 6 special covers.

Year Of Issue:-2012.

Contributed By:- Mr Mahender Sharma, Guwahati

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