WWF Maximum Cards – Sand Cat, Fennec Fox – People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

World Wide Fund For Nature

Official Maximum Card – Sand Cat, Feenec Fox – People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen

A set of 4 Maximum Cards – Sand Cat, Fennec Fox – The Sand Cat is a relatively small cat, Smaller even than the domestic cat.Although not common, the Sand Cat is a very widespread animal, being found all over the great Sahara desert and through the Arabian Peninsula to the desert regions of south-western USSR. Fennec Fox – The most distinctive feature of the Fennec Fox is undoubtedly the enormous size of its ears. The Fennec Fox is the smallest member of the dog family.Adult male weigh less than 1.5Kg.

Date Of issue:-18.05.1989.

Set of 4 Cards

Sheetlet – UAE – Wildlife

Sheetlet – UAE – Wildlife

A sheetlet containing 12 Different stamps each of 50 Fils Denomination was issued by UAE in 2003 on Wildlife. The wildlife on stamps are

Arabian Leopard , Blanford’s  Fox , Caracal , Cheetah , Striped Hyaena , Jackal , White Tailed Mongoose , Ruppell’s Fox , Sand Cat , Small Spotted Genet , Arabian Wolf.