Croatia Post dedicate this stamp issue to the Winter Olympic Games 2014 – Sochi, Russia

Croatia Stamp

It all began 90 years ago. A long time for us, but just a tiny grain of sand for the mankind. First Winter Olympic Games were held at the foot of Mont Blanca, in the French village Chamonix, on 25 January 1924 with the participation of 240 sportsmen and 11 sportswomen from 16 countries. The gathering took place under the title: International Winter Sports Week; there were 10 sports and 16 disciplines.
The opening was exceptionally picturesque because the participants were carrying their requisites – ski, skates, sticks… There was no Olympic fire or high invitees. The honour of being the first winner went to American Charles Jewtraw in the 500 m speed skate. However, the heroes of the Games were the last participants in the 50 km cross-country skiing. The last measured result was 6 hours, 14 minutes and 32 seconds, at freezing cold windy weather and among the last ones was a Croat Dušan Zinaja.
The success of these Games was enormous. There were more than 10 thousand tickets sold; those who also bought the poster are rich today, since only 5000 posters were printed.
In the meantime the Winter Olympic Games have greatly developed.  Each host did his best to add something new, the number of sports and disciplines increased over years and the Winter Olympic Games became a mirror of the world’s development.

Source: Croatian Post