Stamps from Sri Lanka – Polonnaruwa Era

Stamps from Sri Lanka – Polonnaruwa Era

A Set of Six Stamps was issued by Sri Lanka in 2009 on Polonnaruwa Era.

Polonnaruwa Era existed between AD 1065- 1120. The governing period of this time was about 186 years and 19 rulers had sat on the throne in that period. During the final period in the Anuradhapura era, the Cholas shifted the political power to Polonnaruwa, which was situated in the eastern side of the dry zone. The main reason was security, as it was regarded as a strategic location to guard against an invasion from Ruhuna, the refuge of the Sinhalese liberation force.

Still the Cholas were unsuccessful in defending themselves against Vijayabahu’s offensive riot against Polonnaruwa. They Surrendered in 1070 and left the island.

Polonnaruwa had its own fabulous Buddhist architecture and irrigational network that had been built over the centuries by earlier Sinhala rulers.

The Stamps depict the various Periods

Rs 5 – Language , Trade and Money -Galpotha Inscription of King Nissankamalla and obverse and reverse of Coin of Queen Leelawathi (1017- 1235 AD).

Rs10 – Ethnic and religious Unity -Siva Temple and holy Adornments used in Temple ( 1017 – 1235 AD)

Rs 15 – Irrigation Civilization – reservoir called Parakrama Samudra and Statue of King Parakramabahu or a sage ( 1017 – 1235 AD)

Rs 25 –  Architecture – Palace of  King Parakramabahu The Great and audience hall of King Nissankamalla ( 1017 – 1235 AD)

Rs 30 –  Health Care – Ancient Hospital and Surgical instruments. ( 1017 – 1235 AD).

Rs 40 – Hindu Sculpture – Siva and Uma  and Saiva Saint Karaikkal Ammaiyar  (1017 – 1235 AD).