Proof in Black Colour Cancellation Of Special “First Aerial Post” Post Mark, Autographed By Capt. Wyndham (Founder of the First Aerial Post)

Proof in Black Colour Cancellation  Of Special “First Aerial Post”  Post Mark, Autographed By Capt. Wyndham (Founder of the First Aerial Post)

India First Aerial Post 1911 1/4 anna Brown King Edward VII Postal Card to Allahabad cancelled by Black color cancellation, “First Aerial Post /1911/U.P.Exhibition, Allahabad” cachet with Allahabad 18.2.11. cds signed on the reverse by founder of the First Aerial Post – Autographed

The honour of having the first aeroplane mail service was obtained by India, where Capt. Windham, having obtained the necessary permission from the Director-General of Post Offices in India, has inaugurated an aerial post between the Allahabad Exhibition and the receiving office at Allahabad.

This is the proof in Black color cancellation of the 1911 First Aerial Post. 

The post-mark represents an aeroplane flying over a range of mountains and bears the inscription “First Aerial Post: U.P. Exhibition,  Allahabad , 1911.” The explanation of this postmark is that the Indian Postal Authority granted permission to Captain Windham to establish an aerial post in connection with the united provinces exhibition at Allahabad, for the purpose of demonstrating the possibilities of an aerial service for the use of a troubled town.

Only 6 were made by Capt. Wyndham (Founder of the First Aerial Post) and given as gifts to dignitaries. He has signed the back of the KEVII postcard.
Only 6 known! Extremely rare item.
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Black Colour Cancellation
First aerial Post
KEVII Quarter Anna 1911