Postal Vehicles on Stamps- Luxembourg

Postal Vehicles on Stamps- Luxembourg

In 2001 Luxembourg issued two Stamps on theme ” Postal Vehicles of the Past”. The stamps were issued in denomination of 3 Franc and 6 Franc. A booklet containing six stamps of each denomination was also issued. The two models on these stamps are

Citroën 2cv Mini-Van (3 Franc)

This car dates from the middle of the 1960s. The Post purchased only a few of these mini-vans with the steering wheel on the right to make it easier to access mailboxes in urban areas.

Volkswagen “Beetle” (18 Franc)

The beetle dates from the beginning of the 1970s. The VW Beetle was known for the robustness of its air cooled engine. This was without doubt the reason it was chosen in the 1960s to be the standard vehicle for the postal service. The Volkswagen shown on the stamp is part of the historic heritage of P&T Luxembourg.

A FDC  was issued on the stamps on 22 May 2001.