Indian States Crested Stationery Card – Postal History

Indian States Crested Stationery Card – Postal History

A Card with Indian States Crested Stationery samples of  11 erstwhile Indian States Crests.


Indian States Crests -ISG

Jai Hind Cancellation-Unique Cover

India got its Independence on 15th August 1947.The postage stamp of free India was not issued on that day but to celebrate the Independence , the DOP came out with a Slogan “Jai Hind” as a cancellation on letters which were posted from few post offices ?

This is the cover posted from Wardha,Having the box type cancellation reads as “Chalta Dak Ghar”(Mobile Post Office) with Jai Hind inscribed in Hindi prominently in between the wavy lines.This is a very Unique and Scarce  Cancellation.I have a gut feeling that many postal historian would have seldom seen this.

Contributed By;-Kirit Sanghvi, Nagpur