Special Cover – Bosco Public School – By India Post

Special Cover – Bosco Public School – By India Post

Bosco Public School, Delhi has been imparting education since 1985 with the motto “Knowledge is the road to power”

Date Of Issue:-19.10.2011.

Stamps of India – The Punjab Regiment & 1 Para (SF) (1 Punjab) – By India Post

India Stamps – The Punjab Regiment & 1 Para (SF) (1 Punjab) – By India Post

Date Of Issue:-12.10.2011.

Error & Varieties – National Council of Education & Dr Triguna Sen – By India Post

Error & Varieties – Triguna Sen – By India Post

Normal Stamp plus error stamp, perforation shifted on left resulted in two denomination in one stamp, smaller stamp become bigger and bigger stamp become smaller.,two year in one stamp, and one stamp is without denomination and year. Marked with arrows.

Dr. Triguna Sen was born on 24 December 1905 at Solhet (now part of Bangladesh) he was an eminent educationist ardent freedom fighter able administrator and good parliamentarian.  He was instrumental in establishing Jadavpur University at Kolkatta.  He was elected President Alumni Association of National Council of Education Bengal, Jadavpur University.  He was also Union Minister for education and Minister for Petroleum for brief spell.  He passed away on 11th January 1998.

Date Of Issue:-24.12.2010.

Contributed By:-A Jain



Readers Desk – Private Cover

Dear Sir,

I am sending a scan Special cover issued by Naval Philatelic Society on 08 Oct 2011 to commemorate the birth centenary of first Chief of Naval Staff of the Indian Navy. This special Cover has been designed by Cdr (Retd) UN Acharya, Secretary, NPS India.

Vice Admiral Ram Dass Katari (1911-1984), was the first Indian Chief of the Naval Staff, from 22 Apr 1958 to 04 Jun 1962. Admiral Katari was born in Chingleput (about 40 miles from Chennai) on 08 Oct 1911. He has the unique triple distinction of being the first cadet to join the Training Ship Dufferin, when this institution was founded in 1927, to be first winner of the Viceroys Gold Medal and to become the first Member representative ex-Cadets on the Governing Body of the Dufferin. He is also the first Indian to become an Admiral, he has the proud distinction of holding many firsts in academic and professional careers.

Another co-incidence, daughter of Adm Katari, Lalita Katari is married to Admiral Ram Das, 13th Chief of Naval Staff (from 01 Dec 1990  to 29 Sep 1993)!

You may like to inform the readers of your news letter as deemed fit.

Contributed By:- Commodore KK Chandra,  Retd.

NOIDA – 201 301,UP, INDIA


First Day Cover – The Punjab Regiment & 1 Para (SF) (1 Punjab) – By India Post

First Day Cover – The Punjab Regiment & 1 Para (SF) (1 Punjab) – By India Post

Date Of Issue:-12.10.2011.

First Day Cover – Chitrapur Math – By India Post

First Day Cover – Chitrapur Math – By India Post

Chitrapur Math is the central Math (community temple) for the Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin sect. This Math is located in Shirali in North Kanara area of Karnataka and has been there since 1757. The other Maths of this community are located in Gokarn, Karla, Mangalore and Mallapur. All the Maths have the insignia of the saffron flag .Shri Chitrapur Math is the beacon of spirituality to the Chitrapur Saraswat Samaj which has spread all over the globe today. Lord Bhavanishankar is the Aradhya Daivat (presiding Deity) of the Math.

The Advait philosophy enunciated by Shri Shankara Bhagavatpada (Adi Shankaracharya) is the foundation of Sanatana Dharma . The resplendent Guru Parampara of the Math traces its origin from Lord Dakshinamoorti Himself. Shankara Bhagavatpada who came in the 8th century and the eleven Yateeshwars, who have graced the Peetha of our Math over the last 300 years, have devoted their life time to rejuvenate the community spiritually and guide people in their Sadhana, which has the attainment of Moksha as its ultimate goal.

A Vaidik Pathshala and a Goshala, are just two of the many activities initiated by the Math to propagate Sanatana Dharma and all-round welfare of the Samaj. The Math also reaches out to help through charitable and developmental activities such as Annadan, promoting education, health care, offering vocational guidance, opportunities and assistance to become self-reliant and so on.

Date of Issue:-09.10.2011.

Special Cover – Kalindi-2011 – Delhi District Level Exhibition – By India Post

KALINDI-A River Of Stamps  District Level Philatelic Exhibition .

Kalindi – 2011 – A river Of Stamp.  District Level Philatelic Exhibition  recently organised by New  Delhi South Division, on 11th-12th Oct, 2011 at WWF-India Lodi Estae, new Delhi 110003.

The function was attended by Ms. Rameshwari Handa, CPMG Delhi Circle, Sh. L. N. Sharma Postmaster General, Delhi Circle, Sh. Adnan Ahmed , Director Postal Services, Delhi Circle, Sh. Karan Chief Operating Officer, WWF  Ms. Sejal Worah Program Director WWF and  Ms. Pratibha Prahlad A renowned Classical Dancer.
During Exhibtion, Quiz Show Work Shop on Philately and Painting Competions was also organised .
A Special Cover with two special Cancellations was also released during exhibition days.
During this exhibition , MY STAMP facilty was launched in Delhi  .
Delhi Circle will be organsing a few more Distt. Level Exhibitions w.e.f. 19-20 th Oct , 2011 at New Delhi West Dn. i.e. DWARKAPEX -2011  and two more  during November 2011 North Dn and South Division.

A State level Exhibition is also palnned to be organised during January -February 2012