No Value Indicator Stamps – Singapore

NVI Stamps – Singapore

Non Denominated stamps were issued to ensure that some types of Postage stamps retained their Postal Value even if the rates were increased. In many countries it is now known as No Value Indicator (NVI ) postage.

The First Singapore NVI’s were issued in 1993 and invariably all stamps had “for Local Address only ” written on it. In 2004 a second value “2nd Local” was issued since then for  standard postage within Singapore upto 20 grams    “Ist Local ” stamps are valid and “2nd Local ” stamps are valid upto 40 grams letters.

No Value Indicator stamp on Palm trees issued by Singapore on 24 Nov 1993.

No Value Indicator Stamps -ISG

Birds on Stamps – Namibia

Birds on Stamps – Namibia

Namibia issued a set of Stamps on Birds under the theme Weaver Birds of Namibia. Three of the stamps are NO VALUE INDICATOR STAMPS . The Birds on stamps are

Inland  Registered Mail Paid Stamp – Thick Billed Weaver

Postcard Rate Stamp – White- browed sparrow weaver

N$3.70 – Red Headed Weaver

N$ 4.20 – Sociable Weaver

Standard Mail Stamp – Southern Masked Weaver

First Day Cover features Spectacled Weaver.