My Stamp 2016 – SNDT Women’s University – By India Post

My Stamp – SNDT Women’s University – By India Post

SNDT Women’s University is the first Women’s university in India as well as in South-East Asia. The University was founded by Maharshi Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve in 1916 for a noble cause of Women’s Education. The first five women graduated in 1921 from this University.
The University Headquarters is in Churchgate Campus, Mumbai and the other two campuses of this University are at Juhu, Mumbai and Karve Road, Pune.

Year Of Issue;-2016

My Stamp 2016

My Stamp 2016 – – By India Post

My Stamp 2016 – – By India Post

3 Years of delivering smiles

Amazon India launched its services in India in June 2013. India Post is one of Amazon India’s prime carriers. Amazon India celebrated its third anniversary on 3rd June 2016. On the occasion a Customised My Stamp was released to signify 3 years of its relationship and celebrate the e-commerce marketplace’s third anniversary in the country. India Post is one of the prime carriers that Amazon India uses as a delivery channel in over 19,000 pin-codes through 155,000 post-offices which includes a majority of outlets in rural areas across all 35 states and union territories in India. Customised ‘My Stamp’ was released by Smt. Usha Chandrashekar, Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle along with Amit Agarwal, VP & Country Head, Amazon India at Bangalore on 3rd June 2016. This is the first time that the Department of Post has released ‘My Stamp’ to commemorate a milestone with an ecommerce marketplace.

Amazon my stamp depicts a delivery boy with a carton labelled Amazon with ‘My Stamp’ words incorporated in the stamp design. The blank space beside the stamp is printed with ‘’ and ‘3 years of delivering smiles’.

Date Of Issue:- 3rd June 2016

Amazon My stamp 2016

My Stamp 2016– Indian Air Force, Airships, Defense Theme – By India Post

My Stamp 2016–   Indian Air Force, Airships, Defense Theme – By India Post

Date Of Issue:- June 2016

My Stamp 2016

My Stamp 2016– Indian Army With Indian Flag – By India Post

My Stamp 2016–   Indian Army With Indian Flag – By India Post

Date Of Issue:- June 2016

My Stamp 2016

Series 9 – My Stamp released with Gandhiji , Jammu 2012 – By India Post

During October, 2012 Philatelic Exhibition on Gandhi at Jammu, 04 designs ( Series 9 ) of Mahatma Gandhi were introduced during October 01 – 04, 2012.

Complete 04 New designs of Gandhiji My Stamp  issued during Jammu Gandhiji Stamp Exhibition during First Week of October – 2012.View at a Glance, Click on below link:-

Design 1
















Design 2

Gandhiji My stamp Design 2

















Design 3

Gandhiji My Stamp Design 3
















Design IV

Gandhiji My Stamp Design IV

Indian Stamps-Velu Thampi-By India Post

Stamps India-Velu Thampi-By India Post

Velayudhan Chempakaraman Thampi , alias Velu Thampi Dalawa, was born in the village of Kalkulam , Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu  on the 6th of May 1765.He is best known for being one of the earliest individuals to rebel against British East India Company’s supremacy in India.

In his famous Kundara proclamation, in 1809, Velu Thampi made an impassioned plea to the people to rise up against the British. In the beginning, he had many allies including Paliath Achan, the Diwan of Cochin. But in the later stages he fought a lonely battle as his army stood no chance against the modern weaponry of the mighty British. At the brink of defeat, he chose to kill himself than submit to a humiliating surrender.

Date Of Issue:-06.05.2010.

Indian Stamps-R.Sankar-By India Post

Stamps India-R. Sankar -By India Post (1909-1972) was an Indian politician and the third Chief Minister of Kerala. He was born on April 30, 1909 to Raman and Kunchali Amma in Kuzhikkalidavaka village in Kottarakkara. Though born in a large family and despite the not so favourable conditions, he was fortunate enough to get good education. His formal education began in the Puthoor Primary School and later continued in an English School in Kottarakkara.


Having started public life as a teacher and lawyer, he was drawn to politics with the birth of the Indian National Congress in State . The end of the Nivarthana agitation and the gradual growth of the State Congress, accelerated Sankar’s rise as a political leader. He participated in the freedom struggle and was arrested and put in jail. After India’s independence he focused his attention on strengthening the Congress party. Later, taking a break from the Congress party, he began to work in the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam. His work during this period served a great deal to bring backward class communities into the fold of the Congress party.

Date Of Issue:-30.04.2009.