Indian Stamp-The Madras Regiment-By India Post

Stamps India-The Madras Regiment-By India Post

Date Of Issue:-28.05.2009.

The Madras Regiment is the Oldest Regiment of Indian Army having being raised in 1750’s. In 1748 Major Stringer Lawrence was hired by East India Company to take charge of Defence of Cuddalore. He was veteran of action in Spain ,Filanders and Highlands. In 1758  he raised the Madras Regiment forming the several companies of Madras Levies into 2 Battalions.  2 Madras was raised in 1776 as 15th Carnatic Infantry Battalion . The oldest Battalion in Madras Regiment is the 9th Battalion, its Militia was raised in 1704 as  Bodyguards of Maharajah Of Travancore.