Greetings on Rama Navami – FDC Nepal G.P.O.

Greetings on Rama Navami – FDC  Nepal G.P.O.

Rama Navami is the birthday of Shree Rama who had played important part in Ramayana. Today is Rama Navami .

The festival of Ram Navami is the celebration of birthday of the Hindu God, Shri Ram. Shri Ram was the seventh incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu and born in Ayodha, an ancient Indian city. Rama Navami is celebrated on the ninth day of Hindu month of Chaitra (April). Ram Navami marks the end of nine day long festival called Chaitra Navratri or Vasanta Navratri. On this auspicious day devotees observe fasting, visit temples to offer special prayers, take religious processions and the special readings of Ramayana are also held.

On  Rama Navami  Lord Shree  Rama is remembered for his prosperous and righteous reign.

Indian Stamp Ghar wishes all readers a HAPPY RAM NAVAMI.

Date Of issue:-18.04.1967.

Stamps on Native Postmarks of Nepal – Nepal -2011

Stamps on Native Postmarks of Nepal – Nepal -2011

Nepal released a set of Five stamps on Native Post Marks of Nepal in 2011.

Postmark/ Kathmandu 1881  – Rupee one stamp

The Postmark Kathmandu is the first postmark used  after the introduction of stamps in Nepal in 1881. This is a Hexagonal  postmark with curvy lines.In the centre word ‘Ne’ is written meaning Nepal which is old synonym for Kathmandu. In earlier days the Valley of Kathmandu was known as ‘Nepa’ and Kathmandu was called Nepal.The use of Nepal in postmarks was started in 1930’s only.

Postmark / Birganj  1910 -Rupee one stamp

This was the first postmark introduced by Government of Nepal after the establishment of Birganj Post Office. Birganj post office  served as the Gateway to Nepal from India. Although Kalaiya was the major postal route from  Nepal to India but due due to development of railhead upto Raxual , Birganj became a more important postal route.

Postmark /Gulmi Tamghas  1952 – Rupee Three stamp

The  Postmark  Gulmi Tamghas was introduced in 2009. This beautiful postmark is in the shape of a Betel leaf inside which it is written Shree Gulmi Tamghas Hulak 2009. At the centre is  space given for writing. Tamghas is the Headquarter of Gulmi District and it is abeautiful town situated at the base of Resunga and Arjun Hills. Ruru is the main market and Resunga is a holy and Historic place.

Postmark /Bethari 1915-Rupee Two stamp

The Postmark is likely to be one of the most beautiful Postmarks  in the world. The words Shree Bhagwanpur Mu Bethari 72 are inscribed. ‘Mu’ means Mukaam ,a Temporary post office. Bhagwanpur was the main post office and during the annual floods in the Tinau ,Bethari was established as a temporary Post Office

Postmark /Kanchanpur 1934 Rupee Two stamp

The Postmark Kanchanpur is a seal postmark with the intricate design showing Shree Kanchanpur Hulak Adda 91 and was introduced in 1934 . The Kanchanpur Post office is a very old Post Office started in 1881 and located in far western Part of Nepal. The total distance of 419.50 Miles from Kathmandu is connected  via Pyuthan  with links at Banke, Bardia and Kailali.