Tanzania New Definitive Issue Official First Day Cover 9 December 1967

Tanzania New Definitive Issue Official First Day Cover 9 December 1967

Commercially Used Cover

Date Of Issue:- 9th December,1967

Designer:- Mrs Rena M. Fennessy of Naarobi, Kenya, Printer:- Harrison and Sons Limited of London, Design:=Fish found off the coast of Tanzania

Values:-5c, 10c, 15c, 20c, 30c, 40c, 50c, 65c, Sh.1/-, Sh.1/30, Sh.2/50, Sh.5, Sh.10/-, Sh.20/-

These stamps were valid for all postal puroses within the countries of Tanzania mainland, Kenya and Uganda.

Issued:- By the East African Post & Telecommunications

5c, Cardinal Fish:-is a small fish up to 4 inches, which lives in shallow water amongst weeds.The male guards the eggs and the young and scoops them into its mouth when alarmed, re-depositing them as soon as the danger is past.

10c, Mudskipper is a small ugly fish with protruding eyes. Mudskippers spend most of their time out of water on wet rocks or in mangrove swamps, wriggling and hoping with extreme agility and feeding on small crabs, when alarmed they dart back in to the water.

15c, Tobies:- are curious and rather slow inactive fishes which when alarmed inflate themselves with water until almost round. It is one of the most common spiecies on the coast of Tanzania and is frequently found amongst weeds in tidal estuaries and similar habitats.

20c, Seahorse:- is a small fish, up to 12 inches, which lives among seaweeds and swims in an upright position by vibrating the dorsal fin. Spends much of the time anchored to seaweed by its prehensile tail. Its eggs are attached to an area of soft skin under the tail of the male.

30c, Batfish is a common fish of weedy waters and sandy bottoms. When alarmed, the young become inert, sink to the bottom and look precisely like strands of seaweed being stirred by waves. Size 26 inches.

40c, Gaterin Gaterinus:- is found in small shoals on coral reefs. The young are white with yellow fins and black stripes. In the adult fish, which is 20 inches long, the stripes break up in to numerous spots and the lips become very thick.















50c, Wrasse:- is a beautiful rather uncommon fish of shallow reefs. It varies from rich dark greenish blue to bright green and attains the size of 11 inches.

65c, Butterfly Fish:- is a rare species from coral reefs. These are very beautiful small fishes, 6 inches in size, occur in small groups of three or four. When alarmed they dart in o cracks in the coral where they wedge themselves by erecting the dorsal spines and are very difficult to dislodge.

Sh.1/-, Dragon Fish:- is a rather inactive and very conspicuous fish of shallow coral pools. Its long spine of the dorsal fin is poisonous and can inflict a dangerous and extremely painful wound.

Sh.1/30, Blue Surgeon Fish:- are named from sharp retractile scalpels at the base of the tail. When the fish is attacked the scalpels suddenly spring outward and can inflict a nasty wound.

Sh.2/50, Red Snapper:- is a fine angling fish is common and widespread in the open waters.

Sh.5/- Moorish Idol is a most beautiful fish measuring 9 inches in length and which frequent coral reefs in shallow waters.

Sh.10/- Common Trigger Fish:- carries a sharp dorsal spine which can be suddenly snapped and locked in to an upright position if the fish is alarmed or attacked.

Sh.20/- Soldier Fish:- is a beautiful and heavily scaled fish. It is bright red in colour with longitudinal silvery stripes. It usually spends the day in dark holes in the coral and comes out at night.