News -10th Definitive series -release of New stamps

News -10th Definitive series -release of New stamps

The Results of General Elections are out and hopefully a stable  Govt will be in place shortly and we hope it will also bring stability and sanity to Philatelic issue programme of India Post .

10th Def Series – The Philatelic Bureaus all over the country are yet to receive any circular as on 17th May about the release of  three new stamps in the series. No notification regarding the catchet has also been received. We only hope that date of release will be announced well before the release and in case it has already been decided to release it on backdate ,then the Philatelists all over the country won’t be able to possess same date commercially/postally used covers.    The stamps  were not available till 17 May 2009 in Delhi Philatelic Bureau and may only be released earliest on 18 May2009 if notification is received.


Lifeline Express –   The same is the story about Lifeline Express issue released on 12 May 2009. All three items connected with an issue namely Stamp, Blank cover and Information Brochure were not available on First day of Issue. It has again  deprived collectors to possess a postally used FDC of issue day. The Stamps were available only on 16May 2009 in Delhi Philatelic Bureau.                                                                       It is a food for thought for the concerned authorities .

Indian Stamp-Lifeline Express-By India Post

Stamps India-Lifeline Express- By India Post

Date Of Issue:-12.05.2009.

Lifeline Express:-is the world’s first hospital on rails.The Life Line Express , one of the projects of Impact India Federation it comprises two operation theatres, post-operative recovery rooms, laboratory, X-ray facilities, an auditorium for workshops equipped with a TV and LCD projection facilities including a CCTV set-up connected to cameras in the main operation theatre, generators and other ancillary recquirements.

The main function of the Life Line Express is to provide medical and surgical treatment to the disabled in rural and tribal areas.

Contributed by our correspondent in India.