Indian Stamps – Rare Northeastern Fauna -01 Oct 2009

Stamps India – Rare Northeastern Fauna -01 Oct 2009

The set of Three stamps on Rare North Eastern Fauna has been released on 01 Oct 2009 in Shillong by CPMG , North East Circle. A Scan of Newspaper Cutting was shown for the benefit of the readers . This is to assure that the stamps are on way to Philatelic Bureaus and should be available soon.

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Marbled Cat – The Cat is about the size of a domestic cat .Its Head and body length is 45-62 cm ( 18-24 “) and it weighs 2-5 Kg . Its tail is extremely long and bushy . Apart from Northern India also found in Nepal , Guangxi and Yunnan (China ) , Cambodia ,Laos, Myanamar, Thailand ,Vietnam , Malaysia , Sumatra etc.

Leaf Monkey – These are colored  greyish to black with brow ,hands and Feet being black and the upper arms , legs and tail ,a silvery grey. Found in Tripura ,Cachar and Karinganj districts of Assam , and Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.

Red Panda – It has a rounded head ,large erct pointed ears ,a stumpy muzzle and short hairy soled legs which protect it from cold. found in Himalayan regions above 5000 feet.

Each stamp in sheet of 40 stamps , Printed 0.8 Million each.

Contributed By our Philatelic Friend from Guwahati – Sh Mahendra Sharma

Date Of Issue:-01.10.2009.