Stamps on Sculptures – Nepal

Stamps on Sculptures – Nepal

Nepal released a set of Four stamps on Sculpture series on 27 Dec 2004. Each stamp is of Rupees  10/- denomination. The thems are

Jayavarma – This is the oldset image in Nepal dating back to 185 A D. The image is carved on soft sandstone and it gives the impression of the Kushana Plastic art of India.

Umamaheshwar The image is oldset of its type in Nepal . This example is in seating Position. Nandi is also in the image.

Vishwarupa Vishwarupa is an image of Vishnu’s Krishna incarnation , the cosmic form shown to Arjuna in Mahabharta. This is a master piece of plastic art created during 7th -8th Century. It shows serpent king and queen , four elephants , Garuda , Laxmi and Arjuna, Brahma and Ananta Narayana  .

Vamsa Gopala Vamsa  Gopala is the icon of Lord Krishna  playing a flute, usually flanked by Radha and Rukmini but is alone in this.