Rs 10 Notes – India – New Rupee Symbol

Rs 10 Notes – India – New Rupee Symbol

The Reserve Bank Of India will shortly issue Rs 10 Notes without Inset letter in the Gandhi series with signatures of Dr D Subbarao with the New Rupee Symbol . The Year 2011 will be printed on Back side of Note.

Stamps on Sculptures – Nepal

Stamps on Sculptures – Nepal

Nepal released a set of Four stamps on Sculpture series on 27 Dec 2004. Each stamp is of Rupees  10/- denomination. The thems are

Jayavarma – This is the oldset image in Nepal dating back to 185 A D. The image is carved on soft sandstone and it gives the impression of the Kushana Plastic art of India.

Umamaheshwar The image is oldset of its type in Nepal . This example is in seating Position. Nandi is also in the image.

Vishwarupa Vishwarupa is an image of Vishnu’s Krishna incarnation , the cosmic form shown to Arjuna in Mahabharta. This is a master piece of plastic art created during 7th -8th Century. It shows serpent king and queen , four elephants , Garuda , Laxmi and Arjuna, Brahma and Ananta Narayana  .

Vamsa Gopala Vamsa  Gopala is the icon of Lord Krishna  playing a flute, usually flanked by Radha and Rukmini but is alone in this.

Special Cover- Visually Disability, Braille

Special Cover – Two decades of Braille Service to persons with Visual Disability.

Cancellation depicts eye. Cover depicts sighted and visually impaired participants of India Mathematics Braille Code Training in observance of Helen Keller Deaf – Blind Awareness Week.

Issued By:- Society for the visually handicapped Kolkatta, India

Date Of Issue:-15.07.2003.

Coins – India – Brihadeeswarar Temple Thanjavur

Coins – India – Brihadeeswarar Temple Thanjavur

A Rupees five coin was  released on 26 Sep 2010 to mark 1000 Years of Brihadeeswarar Temple , Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

INDIPEX 2011 – First Day Updates – 12 Feb 2011

INDIPEX 2011 – First Day Updates – 12 Feb 2011

INDIPEX 2011 was inaugurated by Her Excellency The President of India . The Exhibition was formally opened thereafter.

The events scheduled and held today were

– Release of personalised Stamps

– Release of Gandhi Khadi Miniature sheet

– Release of Four stamps and Miniature sheet to mark the 100 Years of  Airmail Service.

GANDHI KHADI The INDIA POST counter saw a big rush for the Gandhi stamp and after along wait some people managed to get the Miniature sheet and the Presentation pack but by afternoon the stocks wre exhausted and fresh stocks did not arrive by 1630hrs. Initially sold separately forRs 100  but later on INDIA POST refused to sell miniature sheet separately. We request INDIA POST to let collectors buy the Miniature sheet separately as a large numbers of collectors and Youth cannot afford such high price for a popular stamp.

Personalised Stamp The stamps were in Demand the queues were large but all those who were lucky to book it in the morning could possibly get it  by evening only.

Stamps on 100 Years of Airmail. A set of four stamps were issued today and released in Allahabad . Some quantity of stamps  were received in Pragati Maidan but sold out within no time . Miniature sheets not yet seen in INDIPEX 2011 venue.

Stalls at Exhibition Complex – Stalls of Dealers and Foreign Philatelic Postal Departments were buzzing with activity. INDIPEX Stamps /Miniature sheets issued by New Zealand , Singapore , Malaysia were seen in the Postal Counters. Some stalls were yet to be opened.

Exhibits – The hall where Exhibits were displayed almost bore a deserted look and hardly any visitor  was seen going through the Exhibits , which seemed to be an Irony . Hopefully tomorrow some visitors will visit the exhibits which are worth a glance. Some exhibitors complained that their exhibits are yet to be mounted – TAJ MAHAL exhibit from Kolkata is one such example repoted today. School Children invited in morning could hardly see exhibits as exhibition halls opened in the Afternoon for Public.

News – Nagmoney-2011- Numismatic Exhibition

News – Nagmoney-2011- Numismatic Exhibition

A Competitive Numismatic  exhibition was held in Nagpur from 24th to 26th Jan 2011 in which collection from All over India were displayed.

“Todywalla Auctions” were organised on 25th Jan 2011.

Two New Books/ Catalogues on INDIAN Paper Money and Coins were also released during this exhibition.

Indian Stamps – Year 1960 – By India Post

Indian Stamps – Year 1960 – By India Post

Kalidasa (Poet & Dramatist), Set of 2 (15np + 1r3np)

Date Of Issue:-22.06.1960.

Subramania Bharati (15np)

Date Of Issue:-11.09.1960.

Birth Centenary of Dr. M. Visvesvaraya (Engineer & Industrialist) (15np)

Date Of Issue:-15.09.1960.

National Children’s Day (15np)

Date Of Issue:-14.11.1960.

1960 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-