Special Cover-Kochi Naval Base-INAS 550, ‘Flying Fish’

Special Cover

Indian Navy’s First Air Squadron, INAS 550 celebrated its Golden Jubilee of National Service on 17th June. Raised as a Fleet Requirement Unit (FRU), the Indian Naval Air Squadron 550 was commissioned on 17 Jun 1959 under the command of Lt PKK Menon at Kochi. The Squadron the- ‘The Cradle of Naval Aviation’- has been witness to the growth of the Naval aviation over the past five decades. Over the years, INAS 550 has the unique distinction of having operated over 13 different types of aircraft. The aircraft operated by the Squadron includes the Sealand, Firefly, HT-32, Dove, HJT-16 Kiran, different versions of Islanders and the Dornier 228. The Squadron has also for a time operated a Mi 4 helicopter.This special cover was released on 17th June 2009 to celebrate 50 glorious years.

Date Of ssue:-17.06.2009.