Special Cover – India of My Dreams – Mahatma Gandhi – By India Post

Special Cover – India of My Dreams – Mahatma Gandhi  – By India Post


Cover depicts Kanpur painting made by Alwar children’s depicting various painting,  Gandhji on yatra, Gandhiji with Indian Flag and Charkha, Indian map showing all people living together in India, Christian, Sikhs, Hindu, Muslim

Date of Issue:-04.10.2012.

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Celebrating Janmastami – By Nepal G.P.O.

Celebrating Janmastami – By Nepal G.P.O.

Today is Krishna Janmastmi

The beautiful country of Nepal is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. The two-day festival known as Krishna Janmastami, which takes place during the month of August each year, is a festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna was born at midnight on the eighth day of the dark moon. For this reason the festival is also known as Janmastami, with the word Janma meaning birth, and Astami being the 8th day of the month. At midnight between the first and second days of the festival, the birth of Lord Krishna is re-enacted amidst much pomp and ceremony. Devotees chant prayers and small oil lamps are lit as a mark of devotion. In some cities images of Lord Krishna are carried through the streets accompanied by the sounds of musical instruments and joyous crowds.

Date Of Issue:-07.09.1966.