Greetings on Rama Navami – FDC Nepal G.P.O.

Greetings on Rama Navami – FDC  Nepal G.P.O.

Rama Navami is the birthday of Shree Rama who had played important part in Ramayana. Today is Rama Navami .

The festival of Ram Navami is the celebration of birthday of the Hindu God, Shri Ram. Shri Ram was the seventh incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu and born in Ayodha, an ancient Indian city. Rama Navami is celebrated on the ninth day of Hindu month of Chaitra (April). Ram Navami marks the end of nine day long festival called Chaitra Navratri or Vasanta Navratri. On this auspicious day devotees observe fasting, visit temples to offer special prayers, take religious processions and the special readings of Ramayana are also held.

On  Rama Navami  Lord Shree  Rama is remembered for his prosperous and righteous reign.

Indian Stamp Ghar wishes all readers a HAPPY RAM NAVAMI.

Date Of issue:-18.04.1967.