Set of Six Stamps Issued to mark the 75th Anniversary of Jersey Airport

Jersey airport celebrates its 75th anniversary and to mark that a set of six postage stamps have been released along with a Miniature Sheet plus a fascinating Prestige Booklet is issued . The prestige booklet is filled with images and information about the airport, plus more aircraft that have landed since it opened and is a ‘must have’ for aviation enthusiasts. It also contains three sets of stamps and a Miniature Sheet.

The stamps show aircraft that have landed in Jersey over the decades. The stamps feature: a DeHavilland DH86 from 1937; a Bristol 170 Wayfarer from 1946; an Airspeed Ambassador from 1953; a 1996 Hawker Siddeley Trident; a Britten-Norman Trislander from the 70s (they are still operating); a Vickers VC10 and a modern Fairchild Dornier.

Jersey Airport was built on privately owned fields in St Peter in 1934. The airport opened on 10 March 1937, “The airport has played a significant role in everyday island life for the past 75 years and the information booklet and accompanying stamps are a wonderful reflection of this.