Flowers on Stamps – Bua Tong – Thailand

Flowers on Stamps – Bua Tong – Thailand

A set of 12 stamps in a sheetlet issued by Thailand under Amazing Thailand series . The stamps were issued on 25 Nov 2000 and show the flower named Bua Tong which belongs to same species as Sunflower.

The Sheetlet shows the meadow of Bua Tong at Doi Mae Ukor, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province. Bua Tong and sunflower are classified in the same species. During the mid of October to the mid of November, the landscape of Doi Mae Ukor is brightened with yellow colour of Bua Tong


Flowers on Stamps – Pink Lilies & Krachieo – Thailand

Flowers on Stamps – Pink Lilies &   Krachieo – Thailand

Thailand issued a set of 12 stamps on Pink Lilies under the series Amazing Thailand. This was first series of stamps issued on 01 Jan 2000.

The design of stamps in Sheetlet shows a  lake of lilies at thale noi Lagoon a shallow fresh water lake. The waterscapes of thale noi are covered with pink lilies, all flourish during the months of February – May. thale noi, a non-hunting area also has a large number of aquatic birds. It is legally protected as a wildlife reserve and is one of the popular tourist attractions in Phatthalung Province.

Two other stamps are from another sheetlet which shows the meadow of Krachieo at Pa Hin Ngam, Chaiyaphum Province. Krachieo is a short-lived plant with round root, blossoms during the rainy season, approximately in July. During that period the forest is covered with pink-violet colour of Krachieo flowerws Also added to the beautiful scenery are naturally endowed hillocks. This set of 12 stamps were issued on 16 Jul 2000.


Indian Stamps-Pterospermum Acerifolium-(Bayur Tree)-By India Post

Stamps India-Pterospermum Acerifolium-By India Post

Commonly known as Bayur Tree, Dinnerplate Tree, Maple-Leaved Bayur, Kaniar or Katha Champa reaches a height of 50-70 ft.Leaves are simple, alternate, have stipulate and are palmately ribbed.It has large fragant nocturnal white flowers, occuring in auxillary fascicle. Fruit is a reddish wood used for planking; often grown as an ornamental or shade tree.The name ‘Pterospermum’ derived from two Greek words, ‘petron’ and ‘sperma that mean “Winged seed”.

Date Of issue:-06.03.2009.