Map Definitive (Ashokan WMK) Series Coil Stamps

Map Definitive (Ashokan WMK) Series Coil Stamps

In 1964, Map Definitive denomination 5np, 10np, 15np, 20np, 25np and 50np, 6 digit nos printed on gum side, made strips, to be sold by vending machines.

The experiment failed and withdrawn.

Set of 6 joint coil pairs is very rare.

Interested Parties may contact :- 08860120900

Postal History – India 1953 QEII Military o/p Korea complete set of 12 on cover from FPO 740 Rare

After the Korean War a Neutral Nations’ Repatriation Commission was assigned the custody of the prisoners of war, taken by both the sides, (North Korea & China Vs. South Korea and USA) for interrogation and final repatriation. India’s General K. S. Thimayya presided over the Commission. The Indian Army Post Office (A.P.O.) accompanied the country’s contingent of the Custodian Force in 1953 to serve the personnel of that contingent as well as the other units of Repatriation Commission.

Three Indian Field Post Offices (F.P.O. No.739 , 740 & 741) covered the entire postal activities. At this juncture, it was decided by the Government of India to supply the Indian Field Post Ofiices serving the Custodian Force (India) in Korea with Indian Postage Stamps (Archaeological Series) bearing the overprint in Hindi (Devnagri Script), which reads “Bhartiya / Sanraksha Katak / Korea” in three lines. The denominations overprinted were 3 pies, 6 pies, 9 pies, 1 anna, 2 annas, 2½ annas , 3 annas, 4 annas, 6 annas, 8 annas, 12 annas and Re.1/-. These stamps were released on 17th October 1953 (Dussehra Day) in Korea and the Philatelic Bureaus in India simultaneously . The overprinted stamps were available for sale to philatelists and / or stamp collectors, at Philatelic Bureaux- Bombay GPO, Madras GPO and New Delhi H.O., but they would not be accepted in prepayment of postage on articles posted in India nor would they be defaced at Post Office Counters.

Subsequent to the withdrawal of the custodian forces from Korea in 1954, the Indian Field Post offices were closed down.


The Archaeological Stamps of 3 pies to Re.1/- (total 12 stamps were overprinted in Hindi as “Bhartiya /Sanraksha Katak/Korea” in three lines) were affixed on cover. It was mailed from F.P.O. No.740 dt.18th January 1954 and delivered at New Delhi on 25th January 1954. It is unregistered as per prevailing rules.












India 1953 QEII Military o/p Korea complete set of 12 on cover from FPO 740, with delivery Postmark

New Definitive Series- 10th Definitive Series-By India Post

India post has issued the Three more stamps of new definitive series- the 10th Definitive series,These stamps are  on E.V Ramasami – denomination 50P,C.V.Raman,denomination 10ooP ,Rukmini Devi Arundale, denomination 5000P,  These are available in sheet of 70 stamps &     100 Stamps. Total Twelve stamps are  released in this series called “ Nation Builders” series. The stamps were available at Delhi Philatelic Bureau from 18 May 2009 onwards.

Date Of Issue:-11.05.2009.

Rukmini Devi Arundale (1904- 1986)       She was a Dancer, Choreographer in Indian Classical Dance Form Bharatnatyam, a animal rights activist. Born in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) was awarded Padma Bhusan In1956 and features in INDIA TODAY’s list of   “100 PEOPLE WHO SHAPED INDIA”.

EV Ramasami –      (1879 -1973) –          Also known as EVR ,born in Erode, Tamil Nadu was the Founder of Dravidar Kazhagam.

CV Raman (07 Nov 1888 -21 Nov 1970 )          Sir CV Raman was born in Tiruchirapalli , Tamil Nadu and studied in Presidency College Madras.He was awarded  the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 for his work known as Raman Effect, awarded Bharat Ratna in 1954 and Lenin Peace Prize in 1957. His Nephew S Chandrasekhar also won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1983.




First Zimbabwe Definitive issue – FDC

First Zimbabwe Definitive issue – FDC

Once it was decided to change the name of Country to Zimbabwe a new set of Definitives was released on 18 April 1980 known as First Zimbabwe Definitive Issue . These themes and denominations are identical to Fourth Rhodesia Definitive issue. The stamps were on three themes Gem Stones, Animals and WaterFalls


!c – Morganite , 3c – Amethyst , 4c  – Garnet , 5c – Citrine or Yellow Quartz,  7c – Blue Topaz.


9c – Black Rhinoceros , 11c – Lion , 13c – Warthog , 15c – Giraffe , 17c – Zebra


21c – Odzani Falls , 25c – Goba Falls ,30c  -Inyangomba Falls , $1 – Bridal Veil Falls , $2 – Victoria Falls.


Birds on Stamps – South Africa

Birds on Stamps – South Africa

Two blocks of stamps from South Africa on Birds,Sixth Definitive series issued by South Africa in 1993 on Threatened Fauna.

80c – Otis Kori – The bustards of South Africa are known as paauw, the largest being the great paauw or kori bustard (Ardeotis kori).

R1 -Grus carunculatus –Wattled crane –Family- Gruidae