Stamps of India – The Smile Train – Cleft Surgery – By India Post

Indian Stamps – The Smile Train – Cleft Surgery – By India Post

A cleft is a birth defect and often the No.1 birth defect in most developing countries – nutrition is one of the leading factors and lack of folic acid. Babies are born with clefts everywhere in the world including the U.S. But you seldom see clefts in the U.S. and Europe because they are repaired automatically soon after birth. Clefts are usually NOT repaired in developing countries because most of the families are too poor to afford surgery and the government will not provide free surgery. A gap in the upper lip is called a cleft. Any birth defect is tragic and painful. A cleft results in extreme facial deformity. The child is unable to eat or speak properly. However this is one of the few birth defects that can be easily corrected by surgical repair that could take as little as 45 minutes.

The smile train is a global charity organization reaching out to millions of children suffering from cleft defects and deformities. The Smile Train began in 1999, with one surgery in China performed by a local medical team, and has since grown into the largest cleft organization in the world.

Date Of Issue:-06.12.2011.

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