Stamps on Twelve Days of Christmas – Guernsey

Stamps on Twelve Days of Christmas – Guernsey

The Twelve Days of Christmas are festive days beginning 25 December.This is also known as Christmastide & Twelvetide. The Twelfth night of Christmas is always on the evening of 5th January.In western Christianity these are

Day 1-25 Dec-Christmas Day             Day 2-26 Dec-St Stephen’s Day

Day 3-27 Dec-Feast of St John         Day 4-28 Dec-Feast of Holy Innocents

Day 5-29 Dec-Feast of St Thomas    Day 6-30 Dec-Feast of Holy Family

Day 7-31 Dec-Feast of St Sylvester Day 8-01 Jan-Solemnity of Mary

Day 9-02 Jan-Octave Day of St Stephen

Day 10-03 Jan-Feast of St Genevieve

Day 11-04 Jan-Octave Day of Feast of Holy Innocents

Day 12-05 Jan- Feast Day of St John Neumann .Evening is Twelfth Night

A set of 12 stamps and FDC released by Guernsey to mark twelve days of Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas-ISG

Stamps on Christmas Gift Bearers – Guernsey

Stamps on Christmas Gift Bearers – Guernsey

The Tradition of making presents at Christmas may be traced to the Gifts brought to Infant Jesus. The Principal bearers were the Three Wise Men from the East traditionally –

Casper -King of Sheba who offered Frankincense

Melchior -King of Arabia and Nubia -the bringer of Gold

Balthazar -King of Tarse & Egypt- whose present was Myrrh

All three feature on the stamps. The remaining nine characters are from different territories of the World

Santa Claus -English Speaking World    Lussibruden-Sweden & Scandinavia

Saint Nicholas – The Netherlands,France           La Befana -Italy

Julenisse -Denmark                                      Christkind -Germany

King Wencesias-Bohemia,Czech             Shepherd of Les Baux-South France

Baboushka -Russia & Eastern Europe

A FDC from Guernsey with 12 stamps on Christmas Gift Bearers.

Stamps on Christmas Gift Bearers -ISG