FDC – USA – Winter Olympics

FDC – USA – Winter Olympics

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games or 21st Winter Olympics will be Held at Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada from 12 to 18 Feb 2010. Canada is hosting  Olympics for the Third time (1976 Summer Olympics at Montreal and 1988 Winter Olympics at  Calgary , Alberta. Athletes from 80 Plus Countries including INDIA are likely to Participate.

The following 15 Events will be held

ICE Sports (8 Events) -Bobsled , Luge , Skeleton, Ice Hockey , Figure Skating , Speed Skating ,Short Track Speed Skating and Curling.

ALPINE SKIING and SNOWBOARDING Events (03) -Alpine , Freestyle and Snowboarding

NORDIC Events (04 ) – Biathlon , Cross Country Skiing , Skii Jumping and Nordic Combined.

In the run upto Winter Olympics we shall try and list Stamps on Winter Olympics Events. Stamps on 2010 Winter Olympics have also been listed elsewhere.


A 20 cent  stamp and FDC was issued on 06 Jan 1984 on Alpine Skiing by USA to commemorate 1984 Winter Olympics held at Sarajevo (then Yugoslavia). This event was First  introduced in 1948 Winter Olympics held at Moritz , Switzerland.

Roadside Attraction- Canada Stamps

Nothing beats a Canadian road trip. This July, Canada Post will issue the first set in a three-year stamp series showcasing Canada’s famous roadside attractions.

We kick off our cross-country journey in the wonderful west, home to vistas of snow-peaked mountain ranges, panoramic seascapes, and, of course, Mr. PG. At a staggering 8 metres tall, this giant “log” man is hard to miss. He’s been welcoming visitors to Prince George, BC, since 1960.

Next stop: Watson Lake, YK, where a special kind of forest—a signpost forest—is nestled within spectacular stretches of untamed wilderness. It all began in 1942, when a homesick U.S. Army G.I. working on the Alaska Highway put up a sign pointing the way and showing the mileage to his hometown. Others followed suit, and the Watson Lake Signpost Forest’s count today exceeds 64,000 signs.

So many signs—which way to go? We follow the eastbound arrow until, as luck would have it, we stumble upon Hay River, NWT’s Inukshuk. Built in 1978 as a symbol for the Arctic Winter Games, this stunning sculpture belongs to the age-old Inuit tradition of building stone giants to guide travelers through Canada’s vast landscape. Our guide points south, and on we go.

A long journey down the Yellowhead Highway leads us to Vegreville, AB, where a massive Easter egg—the largest in the world, in fact—is on display at the entrance to Elk Island National Park. Its name, Pysanka, is Ukrainian for “Easter egg,” and it symbolizes Vegreville’s vibrant folk culture.

This set of stamps is as fun and whimsical as the attractions they celebrate. This July, these lively landmarks can also find a permanent place in your stamp collection.

Date Of issue:-06.07.2009. Denominations:- 54c


First Day Cover – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

First Day Cover – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Canada Post released a set of Three stamps to Commemorate Centenary Of Royal Canadian Mounted  Police. The Three stamps are in denomination of 8c  (Commissioner French ) , 10c (Spectrograph ) and  15c ( Mounted Polieman ). The cover shows the badge of 1873 depicting North West Mounted Police and the badge of 1973.


Sheetlet- Stamps on Flags of Provinces and Territories of Canada

Sheetlet- Stamps on Flags of Provinces and Territories of Canada

This sheetlet  was issued to celebrate Canada Day (JULY 01 )In 1979.

Flags of Provinces and Territories of Canada.A total of 10 Provinces and 2 Territories existed in 1979.


Ontario , Quebec , Nova Scotia ,New Brunswick , Manitoba , British Columbia , Prince Edward Island , Saskatchewan , Alberta & Newfoundland.


Northwest Territories & Yukon Territory


Note : The Provincial name of Newfoundland was changed to Newfoundland and Labrador by a Constitutional amendment on06 December 2001.

Nunavut which was earlier part of Northwest Territories was made a territory on 01 April 1999.