First Aerial Post 1911 Cover sent by the great C.D. Desai

First Aerial Post 1911 Cover sent by Great Mr C. D. Desai

Post Card depicts The Great Emambara & Mosque, Lucknow

Architect Kifayat-ullah designed this imambara in 1784 for Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula of Awadh (r.1775-1797). Imambaras were built as place to celebrate Muharram, which commemorated the three imams Ali, Hasan, and Hussein. The Great Imambara has one of the largest vaulted halls in the world, 49.6 m long and 14.9 m high. The mosque is located on the west side of the imambara.

Mr C D Desai was a philatelist. He made many discoveries among the 1854 lithographed stamps of India and formed an outstanding collection of these classic issues with the assistance of Jal Cooper.f Desai’s collection included many items of extreme rarity. It featured the unique unused block  of 14 of the white Scinde Dawk stamp.[1] His collection included the finest known example of the famous 1854Head Inverted For Anna Stamp, cut square and on cover, as well as a second cut square example of this rarity.


Desai -Allahabad First Aerial Post