2012 London Olympics 66 Days to go-Stamps on Sydney 2000-Australia

2012 London Olympics 66 Days to go-Stamps on Sydney  2000-Australia

Australia honoured its Sydney 2000 Olympic Gold Medal Winners by issue of Stamps. !6 used stamps on Olympic Gold Medal winners are shown.

Presentation Pack – 1992 Barcelona Olympics

Presentation Pack  – 1992 Barcelona Olympics

An Presentation Pack  issued by Australia on 02 Jul 1992 to commemorate the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and 1992 Paralympics. Three stamps on Presentation Pack  out of which two stamps (45c & $ 1.20 ) show the Cycling and Weightlifting events of Olympics and the $1.20 Stamp show the paralympics.



Stamps on Victoria Cross Winners – Australia

Stamps on Victoria Cross Winners – Australia

Australia issued a  se-tenant strip of Five stamps on Victoria Cross Winners in 2000. The winners shown are Sir Neville Howse – South Africa 1900 , Sir Roden Cutler  – Lebanon 1941 , Edward Kenna – New Guinea 1945 , Keith Payne – Vietnam 1969.


Stamps on Birds – Australia

Stamps on Birds – Australia

Three stamps from Australia on different Birds of Prey issued in 2001.Two stamps are se-tenants.

49c -Wedge tailed eagle- It is Australia’s largest living Bird of Prey and one of the largest Eagles in the World. Found in Australia (Tasmania )

49c – Nankeen Kestrel – It is a slender Falcon , found in Australia     

98c – Ked Goshawk – A Raptor.


2009 Australian Legends on Stamps

2009 Australian Legends on Stamps

Four of the nation’s most popular actors who have been selected to appear on a special series of postage stamps to mark Australia Day.Four Academy Award winners have been named the 2009 Australian Legends by Australia Post in recognition of the outstanding contribution they have made to Australian entertainment and culture.

The actors Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman AC and Geoffrey Rush will be immortalised on postage stamps. There are eight 55-cent stamps in the series, featuring photos of the actors in and out of character, including Kidman from Moulin Rouge, Blanchett from Elizabeth, Crowe from Gladiator, and Rush from Shine. Each of the stars will be presented with 24-carat gold replicas of their stamps.