News – Forgery In the Name Of INDIA Post

Forgery In the Name Of INDIA Post
It is now confirmed  that  two booklets namely Polar arctic region and Antarctica preservation are Forgery produced by a dealer/cartel of Dealers of Dehradun and is being sold under the brand name of India Post.The same has been confirmed by Dehradun GPO that it has not been printed by them nor they have given any order ,nor they have issued any stamps against these book lets  nor they have been sold from the bureau so no money deposited  in UCR account.They also confirmed  that these booklets have not been given to them for sale to sell from counter.
All this amounts to infringement of INDIA POST copyright , Fraud , Business Malpractice and Criminal offence.
The fate of other booklets on Aids ,Louis Braille, 25 Years of Dehradun Philatelic bureau, RBI, IMA  (3 book lets) will also soon come to light.So far all the innocent philatelist have made purchase from this dealer/cartel of Dealers   thinking that it is India Post issued material and paid unnecessarily high premium to this dealer/Lover of philately/Promoter of Philately.
Now we advise the Philatelists all over India/World to beware and stop any further dealing with this dealer/cartel till the truth comes out.All the philatelists are advised  not to entertain such  dealers as this cartel/dealer are not promoters of philately but are bringing a bad name  to philately and they are killing the philately for short term Personal Monetary gains.
We have also information from reliable source that the bureau philatelic In charge has been transferred/suspended and new person appointed Mr Rajesh Kumar( apparently reluctant to put his neck into such a mess), has already given his medical and fate of Dehradun bureau is still under Mr K.N.Sharma and this dealer has been asked not to sit in bureau and all the 8-9 Philatelic Exhibit frames have been dismantled  in the bureau and exhibits of this dealer which used to be put in bureau have been removed.

Wait for more development on this issue and do not buy any material till you get confirmation that they are original.We request India Post to take suitable action against this criminal offence and offenders before they lose further revenue. Such infringements if not reported or checked may Prompt UPU, FIP , FIAP etc to take actions  against INDIA POST. The credibility of   Indian Philately will be immensely affected if no action is taken on such issues.

Sheet Let-Preserve The Polar Regions & Glaciers-Se-tenant Stamp-By India Post

Sheet Let-Preserve The Polar Regions & Glaciers-By India Post

Se-tenant 20 Stamps Sheet Let (10 Se-tenant Pairs)

Beautiful border depicts Fish, Prawn, Whale, Seal,Polar Bear,Penguins

Date Of Issue:-19.12.2009.