India Post Presentation Pack Flora & Fauna Miniature Sheets, Stamps Limited Issue

India Post Presentation Pack Flora & Fauna Miniature Sheets, Stamps Limited Issue

Year Of Issue;- 2014-2015

Pack contains Miniature Sheets & Stamps of Fragrance Of Roses, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Spices Of India, Rare Fauna of North East, Horses Of India, International Year of Biodiversity Plus detail information in booklet.

Flora & Fauna Presentation Pack

Error & Varieties-Aldabra Giant Tortoise-Indian Stamps

Dear Vinod Ji

I am sending few scans and information for publishing and display on your website which is most popular one not only in India But all over world for the information of Philatelists:-

India Post issued a set of two stamps on Aldabra Giant Tortoise on 02.08.2008 along with sheet lets in four different denominations

    1. Rs.65/- containing 13 stamps Rs.5 each
    2. Rs.195/- containing 13 stamps Rs.15 each
    3. Rs.115/- containing 5 stamps Rs.15 each and 8 stamps of Rs.5/- each.
    4. Rs.145/- containing 5 stamps Rs.5 each and 8 stamps of Rs.15/- each.

A Miniature sheets was also to be released which is still awaited

I have come across some sheets of all the above sheets lets having major errors/varieties as details below: –

  1. Sheet let of Rs.65/- :- Central Bottom stamps and other 2 stamps towards left partly imperf.
  2. Sheet let of Rs.195/- :- 1) as above but towards right side
        • 2) as above but top stamp towards left effecting all stamps resulting cutting 00 Zeros of Rs.15 and name of Tortoise.
  1. Sheet let of Rs.115:-
      1. Central stamp on top and other 2 stamps towards left partly imperf.
      1. As above but bottom stamp towards right
  1. Sheer let of Rs.145/-:-
      1. Red Col. Major shift towards right to left affecting all stamps.
      2. Two lines of extra perforation in the centre of the sheet let affecting 8 stamps badly.
      3. Central top stamp and other 2 stamps towards left partly imperf and corner stamp at the bottom on right having 4 extra perforations.

India Post also released one presentation Pack of Rs.350/- which was shown on your Blog 2 days back on the above discussed stamp. The pack shows new logo of India post adopted by the Dept in Sep, 2008 where as stamp was released on 02.08.2008. It is highly improper.

Contributed By:-From the collection of Mr O.P.Gupta, Chandigarh