POST CARD WITH ADVT 2009- India – Consumer Awareness

POST CARD WITH ADVT 2009- India – Consumer Awareness

M Gandhi Motif Post Card with advt on Consumer Awareness – “JAGO GRAHAK JAGO SERIES” –

Printed at ISP 2009.    Two Post Cards with Advertisement in Regional Languages.


SGPC True Story

SGPC had recently released a total of three (3)  covers on 12th & 13th May to commemorate  300 years of Banda Bhadhur Singh from Fateh Garh, Punjab and one Cover was released in Chhappan Chiri ,near Chandigarh with the help of India Post.  6000 covers of each variety were printed  and they were distributed free of cost.
Mr Deepak Sharma,Welfare inspector of India Post was in charge and attended Fateh Garh Function along with Local Fateh Garh Post Office  staff  and one person from Patiala P.O and 3rd cover was released in Chhappan Chiri,Near Chandigarh .Mr Sharma attended this function along with Madam Baljit and Mr Bhardwaj of Chandigarh P.O.
To our Surprise the 600 Covers (200 each of 3 Covers) meant to be sold through  Philatelic Bureau were not given to Patiala Philatelic Bureau and Chandigarh Philatelic Bureau.
Mr Sharma has cornered all the 600 covers where as Philatelic in Charge of both the Bureaus are denying having  received a single cover to be sold to Philatelists.
On inquiring from Mr Deepak Sharma ,he informed that the covers were sold at function, where as in the function covers were distributed free.
Now The question is to  whom Mr Sharma has sold all the covers. Secondly on which date the sale procceds  money  was deposited in UCR. Thirdly if money was deposited late then why Government funds were kept in hand for such a long period. Fourthly Why the Local philatelists were  deprived of Covers.
All this  appears to be fishy.We request through this letter DDG to intervene and inquire about the true story and let the philatelic World know about this  .What interest Mr Deepak Sharma has got.also requires to be explained. The malpractices by Departmental staff should be brought to light.

We also have information about few other Philatelic Bureaus of smaller cities around NCR indulging in such practices in collusion with few Philatelists. We shall expose those NEXUS also for benefit of our readers.

Readers Desk – Visit to Mumbai GPO Philatelic Bureau

Readers Desk – Visit to Mumbai GPO – Philatelic Bureau

In response to our coverage on Philatelic Bureaus across the Country – We are Publishing  comments sent by Mr Kishore , Chennai

During the recent Exhibition of Numismatic & Philatelic in Mumbai,by Todywala, the Department of Posts had put a stall.During my visit to the stall, I needed Special Covers, which they informed me is available in Mumbai GPO and to come next day morning at 10 am. I was there next day sharp at 10 am. The staff were getting ready to go to the exhibition and informed another staff to take out Special Covers and give me. After getting the covers and respective stamps, there was no one to give cancellation on them.The concerned person was not available who is in charge of cancellation.I was told to go another section of P B and there another staff and I searched for cancellation for nearly half an hour. Then that staff left half way through. Then I myself did the cancellation on rest of the covers.
During this time a foreigner had come to buy new issue stamps. Poor guy he was just sweating due to heat and humidity in the small place.
These conditions should improve for the department which is good revenue earner for the Govt.
Kishore, Chennai

Pictorial Cancellations – India – Inaugural Cover- Srisailam

Pictorial Cancellations – India – Inaugural Cover- Srisailam

A Pictorial Cancellation was introduced at  Srisailam on Lord Mallikarjuna Temple  on 07 Mar 1978 . An Inaugural  special cover was issued to commemorate the Event. The Cancellation   shows Temple and cover Shows Lord Mallikarjuna and Bhramaramba.

Srisailam is a Holy town situated in Nallamala Hills  of Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh on the banks of River Krishna.