Indian Stamps-The Bible Society Of India-By India Post

Stamps India -The Bible Society Of India-By India Post

The Indian government has  released a special stamp to honor 200 years of the Bible Society of India (BSI).

The Bible Society movement started in India in the year 1811 at Kolkata to serve the Church and Society as well as as its affiliated organisations with a vision to make the Holy Bible available to all people in India. The Bible Society of India translates and distributes Bible in numerous native Indian languages. It has its headquarters at Bangalore with fifteen Auxiliaries and corresponding office in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and a translation centre at Shilong.

Date Of issue:-21.02.2010.

Special Cover – India – CSI Mission Hospital

Special Cover – India – CSI Mission Hospital

A Special Cover was released in Trichy on 11 Feb 2010 to mark the Centenary Year of Churches of South India (CSI ) Mission General Hospital ,Trichy.

FDC – Isle of Man – The Bounty

FDC – Isle of Man – The Bounty

Bounty was an Armed Vessel which left England in Dec 1787 with the task of collecting Bread Fruit in Tahiti for delivery to the West Indies as cheap food to slaves. Bligh was the Captain and Christian was first mate of the Ship. A mutiny led by Christian ensued and the mutineers landed in Pitcarin Islands . The stamps depict the events of Bounty Mutiny commemorating 200 years

13p – William Bligh was married in Old Oncan Church , Isle of Man

16p – Bligh cast adrift in a boat to Tahiti covering 4000 miles in an exceptional show of Navigational skills.

30p – Peter Heywood in Tahiti

32p – Bounty off Pitcarin Island , it was burnt few days after arrival

35p – Fletcher Christian leader of Mutiny  and Pitcarin Islands.


FDC – GB – Millenium 2000 Series

FDC – GB – Millenium 2000 Series

A Series on Millenium was released in 2000 by GB. It contains 48 Stamps in 12 sets of four  Stamps each. 12 FDC’s were also issued.The Eleventh cover is on theme  ” Spirit and Faith ”  issued on 7-11-2000.  .The stamps are

2nd Class -St Edmundsbury Cathedral – 2000/41

Ist Class -Church Floodlighting -2000/42

45 p – St Patrick Centre-Downpatrick  – 2000/43

65p -Mystery Plays – York Minister – 2000/44