Investor Profile

Interest in stamp investment has increased significantly in recent years. Auction realizations illustrate just how good an investment in stamps or postal history can be, with increasing demand underpinning an active market.

Philatelic investment can be undertaken as an attractive alternative within a balanced portfolio of more traditional investment vehicles with the pleasure of ownership as an additional benefit.
Investment grade stamps are a highly portable, valuable commodity underpinned by a global collector base.

Investor Profile

Stamp investors can be broadly divided into three categories.

Pure Investors

Pure Investors are simply that: just interested in investments and making money from them. The underlying motivation is purely to see a return on one’s investment. The Pure Investor is unlikely to be interested in the overall aesthetics of the items he is purchasing and will have no need to ‘enjoy them’ through having them available to look at and display. The security of a bank vault may be far more appealing.
Pure Investors may not necessarily engage in direct ownership but invest in the shares of the few listed companies that comprise the philatelic investment market. Their objective is to make money from the increase in demand for investment grade stamps whether owned directly themselves or indirectly via a third party.

Pure Investors are likely to lack market knowledge and will therefore be reliant on others to guide their investment choices.


Somewhere between the Pure Investor and the Stamp Collector comes the Investor/Collector. Here, the objective is to make money but to have fun in doing it, even if it is at the expense of their investment objective.

The art of collecting becomes important, there is a genuine interest is what is acquired and stamps may well be purchased that do not have investment potential but enhance the enjoyment of the activity. Investor/Collectors help underpin the market demand in investment grade stamps and may well find that their collection turns out to be a very inactive investment as their attraction to their portfolio becomes greater than the desire to part with its contents.

Stamp Collectors

Stamp Collectors underpin the market and are the backbone of philately.

Most will have started collecting without a second’s thought as to investment potential. Paramount is the pleasure and enjoyment from the hobby; any incidental gain in value is a happy by-product of the collecting process. Whether the Stamp Collector’s interests lie in collecting a single country, era or theme, they are likely to want to acquire examples that match that objective, irrespective of value and cost. The more expensive items will certainly be harder to acquire and may or may not have investment potential. But that is the not the point: the joy is in the collecting.

Pure Investors are likely to be frowned upon as simply pushing up the price of stamps which may well become unattainable to the Stamp Collector. However, whilst not necessarily having the funds of the Pure Investor, the Stamp Collector invariably has the advantage of knowledge gained through years of study and will be far more able to spot bargains when they occur.

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Stamps as Investment tools

Check these facts: Stamps are regularly sold for $1 million in auctions. The most expensive stamp in the world is worth $2.97 million. Stamps as an investment are usually immune to market jitters.

No wonder financial advisers suggest adding stamps to an investor’s portfolio. Investments in rare stamps can fetch annual returns of over 45%. On an average, rare stamps have given returns of about 10-15% a year in recent years.

A caveat: Rare stamps are not a substitute for traditional forms of investments.

Quality checks: The value of stamps depends on factors such as demand trends, origin and condition. As a thumb rule, unused stamps are more sought after than used ones. Also, check the back in case of unused stamps. The original gum should be fully intact for it to fetch decent returns. In case of used stamps, there should be no damage to the paper, colour or perforations. “The postmark should be clear. But if a stamp is very rare, it could be an investment-grade even in a less-than-perfect condition,”

Used stamps should be left attached to their original envelopes. “Do not soak or pull them off. And remember unused stamps should be left as you find them. If they are in blocks or strips, do not separate them.

Humidity can play havoc with your collection. It is a wise idea to store stamps properly.

Investment and returns fall in the following categories

(a)  High Risk –High Return

(b)  High Risk- Low Returns

(c)  Low Risk- Low /Medium Returns

(d)  Low Risk –Medium Returns

(e)  Low Risk –High Returns


The Investment in Philately can also be classified into these return classes. Each sub category of Philately can actually qualify to be a part of any one of the return categories. However A Golden Rule that should be followed is – Each investor must not blindly invest –he/she must carry out basic research before investing.

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New Ananthapuri Stamp Bulletin — Trivandrum.

 Ananthapuri Philatelic Association, Tjhiruvananthapuram, has released its First e Magazine Ananthapuri Stamp Bulletin, in monthly meeting of the club.  We invite your views, thoughts and suggestion regarding this bulletin. To subscribe please contact Ananthapuri Philatelic association,

Contributed By: Ananthapuri Philatelic Association,

India 1929 Air Mail Stamps: A Study of Constant Varieties by Rohit Prasad.

India 1929 Air Mail Stamps: A Study of Constant Varieties by Rohit Prasad.


Stamps of India is pleased to announce the publication of its new book India 1929 Air Mail Stamps: A Study of Constant Varieties; a new path-breaking work by Rohit Prasad

The book is the result of 6 years of painstaking study and documents 106 CONSTANT varieties identified in India’s first Air Mail stamps, while the Stanley Gibbons catalogues only 3 varieties.

India 1929 Air Mail Stamps: A Study of Constant Varieties isA4 all color art paper, hardbound having 300 Pages. It is being brought out as Limited edition of 500 copies and will be available on October 17, 2015.

The book is Published & Distributed worldwide by Stamps of India Private Limited for

Rs 5,000 post-paid in India, and USD 100 post-paid worldwide.

According to Rohit Prasad “It gives me immense pleasure to share my study on the India 1929 Air Mail Stamps and I hope other collectors would benefit from this. I look forward to their inputs so that they can be incorporated in the further editions of the book.”

Contact Madhukar Jhingan 919811160965











Readers Desk – First ever women philatelist to win consumer case


Smt.Sudha Jain, a senior woman philatelist from Jaipur, opened a philately deposit account at Mumbai gpo in July,2012. Till February-2013,she did not receive any supply from Mumbai GPO. She sent legal notice to O/o CPMG, Maharashtra circle but her grievance was not redressed. Aggrieved by the inaction, she filed a consumer case in consumer court. As soon as case was lodged officials of Mumbai GPO acknowledged their mistake and furnished the desired material to her. However, Smt.Sudha Jain persisted with the case and on 27-11-14 the hon’ble consumer court decided in her favour. A compensation of Rs.50000/- has also been awarded. Smt.Sudha Jain becomes the first ever woman to win a consumer case in a philately matter.

Contributed By:- Mr Vijay Kumar Jain, Jaipur

News – Bilasapex 2014 – Three Days Philatelic Exhibition in Bilaspur

News – Bilasapex 2014 – Three Days Philatelic Exhibition in Bilaspur


BILASAPEX 2014, a 3 days Distt Level Philatelic Exhibition concluded in Bilaspur Chhattisgarh on 14th Sept 2014.It was organized by Bilaspur Postal Division with co-operation of Chhattisgarh Philatelic Association from 12 to 14 Sept . 2014. The exhibition was well attended regularly by various school children, general public and people of all age groups. 78 philatelic frames well placed in magnificently built historical Raghvendra hall in the heart of the city. Philatelic dealers from Kolkatta and various stalls of India post attracted visitors and enthusiasts. “My Stamp” caught attention of one and all and a good number of order for MY STAMP was received.

In all, there were 78 frames on display with 35 participants in different groups including the one PROMOTIONAL GROUP. 25 nos. entries were awarded prizes. Dr Pradeep Jain, a senior philatelist of Balod, Chhattisgarh visited the show as Jury. His presence also graced the show. There were displays on different aspects of philately to serve viewer with a good range of philatelic collection. The exhibits were of quite a high order. The five frame exhibit on Gandhi of Mr. Abhijit Biswas placed in invitee section was highly appreciated. Frame on Science pertaining to Mr. Abhishek also caught attention of viewers. The graceful valedictory ceremony was held with Sri A.P.Panda , GM-Finance, SECL, Bilaspur as chief guest who highly appreciated the efforts of India Post for organizing such a good exhibition. During this ceremony , Sri M. Puran Chandra Rao, Director Postal Services, Chhattisgarh Postal Circle announced that in the next financial year State Level Stamp Exhibition will be held in Chhattisgarh.

Release of 3 covers and 4 stamp booklets covering various natural, archeological and wildlife feature of Bilaspur Postal District added grace to the occasion and made the event unforgettable. The concepts and designs of the Covers and Booklets are of Sri Naresh Agrawal and Atul Jain of Bilaspur . Following covers and booklets were released ;

12.09.2014   : Special Cover depicting the historical Building of Bilaspur Railway Station, Bilaspur. The cover had a brochure inside to give details about the same. Two Stamp Booklets featuring Mother Teresa, Apostil of Love and Mahatma Gandhi with Child were released. T he cover priced Rs. 15/- and the booklets Rs. 30/- each. These were released in presence of Sri Tondon, GM,SECR and Sri Rai, CPMG, Chhattisgarh Postal Circle.

13.09.2014   : Special Cover depicting the Kendai water fall located on Bilaspur-Ambikapur Highway. The cover had a brochure inside to give details about the same. Two Stamp Booklets featuring Chafara (Frangipani) the beautiful flower found in Achanakmar Bio sphere and Gaur /Bison were released. The cover priced Rs. 15/- and the booklets Rs. 30/- each. These were released in presence of Sri Anup Srivastava, Chief Conservator of Forest, Bilaspur Circle. and Sri M. Puran Chandra Rao,Director Postal Services, Chhattisgarh Postal Circle.

14.09.2014   : Special Cover depicting the archeological heritage of Malhar, a town in Bilaspur Distt. The cover had a brochure inside to give details about the same. The cover was released in presence of Sri Manoj Kumar Agrawal G.M (CCO/QSD), SECL, Bilaspur and Ku. Sandhya Deogirikar, Asstt. Director (philately), Chhattisgarh Postal Circle, Raipur

Chhattisgarh philatelic association was highly appreciated for the support it gave to make the exhibition a great success. Efforts of senior and dedicated philatelists were appreciated. Mr. Andhare , the founder president of the association requested DPS to hold an exhibition in Bilaspur in 2016 on occasion of Silver Jubilee of formation of Chhattisgarh Philatelic Association. Sri Atul Jain, the General Secretary of the Association who also shared the dais on 3rd day morning thanked India Post for organizing the show and highlighted the importance of accepting philately in life. Mr. Naresh Agrawal, member of association spoke about role of philately in personality development and other aspects. Various dignitaries who visited the show spoke very highly about philately and shared their childhood experiences as budding stamp collectors and spent good lot of time on the frames..

All in all , the show was good, graceful and served the very purpose of promoting hobby of stamp collection and also to introduce various services being given by the India Post. This show also left with a note that it is not only that philatelists are enthusiast about such shows but postal staff too is equally keen and dedicated to make the show successful.

Contributed By:- Mr Naresh Aggarwal, Bilaspur




Readers Desk – Philately exhibition & photo exhibition on Actor Sri Shivaram Contribution to Kannada Cinema

Dear philately friends,

On behalf of Suchitra Film Society & Karnataka chalanachitra Academy

we request you to kindly extend our invitation to all the philatelists and friends  to attend the function on occasion of Actor Sri Shivaram contribution to Kannada Cinema   their will be an photo exhibition on Actor Sri Shivaram and  small philately exhibition on Indian Cinema  on 26th & 27th organished by Suchitra film society Banashankari 2nd stage Bangalore,

for more details contact Suchitra film society Phone Number  080 26711785

Contributed By:- Mr Jagannath Mani