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Exhibition of Stamps : Philately on Mahatma Gandhi & Jainism
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Most of the dignitaries of 19th and 20th Century have been honoured by their respective nations as well as other countries of the world through issue of commemorative stamps. The great Indian leader and Father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is no exception to this. Apart from India, 103 countries throughout the world have honoured Mahatma Gandhi by issue of commemorative stamps and other items of philately as well as coins. The first ever issue on Mahatma Gandhi was the release of 4 stamps to mark the First Anniversary of Independence of India on the 15th August, 1948. These are the only stamps of India bearing Urdu inscription, Bapu, other than Hindi and English. Internationally commemorative stamps have been issued to mark the Birth Centenary or 50th Death Anniversary of the Mahatma.
It is also important to note that like all other religions, Jainism which teaches non-violence is also depicted on stamps and items of philately. The first stamp to honour Jainism was issued in India by Saurashtra State before independence of India on 18 October, 1929. This 3 pies stamp bears a view of Girnar Hills where the 22nd Tirthankar Neminath Bhagwan had attained Nirvana. The Indian Government during British Raj on 6 May, 1935 issued the first stamp on Jainism depicting Sheetalnath Temple of Kolkata which was constructed in 1868. Thereafter India has issued various stamps on Jainism including those honouring the famous Jain personalities. The only stamp issued outside India came from East Germany on 23 August depicting the painting of Lord Mahavir.
The Chairman of Philatelic Association of Tanzania, Amritlal Jivraj Shah, educated in Mombasa and Bombay, is now settled in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania since 1966. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Jiemel Industries Limited. An acclaimed social worker and a philanthropist, he has represented Tanzania in various national, regional and international conferences. Former Governor of Rotary International District and a keen philatelist, he has organized exhibitions within and outside Tanzania. Open until 3 October during office hours
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