Pre-Stamped Envelope – Australia

Pre-Stamped Envelope – Australia- 16th World Scouting Jamboree

Australia issued a 37c Pre-Stamped Envelope on 30 DEC  1987  to commemorate 16th World Scouting Jamboree  held at New South Wales(31 Dec 1987 – 10Jan 1988 ) . 14,000 participants from 85 Countries participated.


Indian Stamps – Danmal Mathur – By India Post

Stamps India – Danmal Mathur – By India Post

Shri Danmal was born on 14th March 1904 in a modest home in ‘Bhata Gavari’ in Kayastha Mohalla, Aimer.His father, Munshi Kanmal Mathur, employed by the Kotah State in 1894 as ‘Motamid’ (Housemaster) of Kotah House in Mayo College.And he was a disciplinarian!Without doubt Danmalji’ s formative years and personality were greatly influenced by his father.

On 25th Feb., 1916 (when he was only 12) Danmalji was married to Roop Kanwar, daughter of Shri Devi Dayal Mathur of Kharwa.The adage ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’ is exemplified in its entirety by the support Shri Danmal received from his wife who managed the house-hold and brought up a large family, allowing her husband time to give to the innumerable professional, philanthropic, societal and other commitments he was destined to be a part of.

He passed his B.Sc. examination from Government College, Ajmer in 1927 where he was appointed ‘Demonstrator’ in Physics. He was HOD and Vice Principal Mayo College.
In 1952 Shri Danmal was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to the USA where he impressed the various forums he addressed, by his views on Education and his expositions on Indian culture and religion.
In the same year Shri Danmal was awarded the ‘International Service Star’ for his valuable services by Lord Mountbatten of Burma and Chief Scout of India.

In 1947 Shri Danmal accompanied the Indian Scouts contingent as a senior member to Paris at the international Scouts Jamboree.

Shri Danmal started scouting in the Railways at the Mt. Abu camp in 1948.

In his quest to spread the message of scouting, dynamic Shri Danmal also took a contingent of scouts to Japan in 1953.

When Ajmer was merged with Rajasthan in 1956 Shri Danmal was appointed Divisional Secretary and later Commissioner of Rajasthan State Scouts and Guides.It was because of his efforts in persuading the Government that a 17 acre permanent scouts campsite was set up at Pushkar Ghati, and land was allotted for setting up the Divisional Headquarters for Scouts in ‘Tope Dara’ in Ajmer.For his contribution to Scouting the National Headquarters of Bharat Scouts and Guides honoured him by decorating him first with the ‘Silver Star’ and subsequently, in 1970, with the ‘Silver Elephant’ the highest award in Scouting in India.

Subsequently, he played cricket for Rajputana and was in the team which played against the M.C.C. when it toured India and Australia in the thirties.

Date of Issue 07.11.2009


Special Cover-Mini National Jamboree Bharat Scouts & Guides

Special Cover-Mini National Jamboree Bharat Scouts & Guides ,2nd – 7th Feb, 2009

Indian Scouts & Guides Fellowship, 100 Years of Scouting in India

Cover depicts Sabarmati Ashram & Gujarat University plus badge on Scouting in India is also distributed.

Issued By:-Indian Scouts & Guides Fellowship

Date of Issue:-02.02.2009.