Invitation Card – Philatelic and Numismatics Exhibition @ Jaysingpur Post Office on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Invitation Card – Philatelic and Numismatics Exhibition @ Jaysingpur Post Office on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

News – Our Experience of Philatelic Bureau at Bengaluru

News – Our Experience of Philatelic Bureau at Bengaluru
We had recently carried a news item on Conditions prevailing at Ambala, Vadodara, Lucknow, Calicut  , Mumbai,Jaipur, Jallandhar & Dehradun Philatelic Bureau. A Large number of readers have written in to us , spoken to us , mailed to us congratulating us on taking the lead on projecting such issues .

We recently had the privilege of Visiting Bengaluru Philatelic Bureau .

It was a great experience and nice to see a well maintained , spacious and Modern Philatelic Bureau . It is apt to say that somebody in the Department has paid attention to give it such a look , Bengaluru being an important metropolitan city as well.

The staff is well mannered , courteous , helpful and guides you. The Philatelic material is available adequately except few items.

Another excellent feature of Bengaluru is the Philately Museum and Study table in round shape  made available in the bureau for Philately, where 560 books plus many magazine have been put in Almirah and these books have been given number and a proper register is maintained and these are available on request for study & reference in Philately room only. These books are donated by Mr Y. R. Shah a renowned philatelist of Bangalore. Philately Museum is well maintained .The entry to the Museum is from Philatelic Bureau only. Visitors can ask for visitor book and can put remarks.

We wish to place our appreciation to the Department of Post , Bengaluru, Karnataka for according priority to Philately .

Readers Desk – Philatelic Bureau in Calicut

Dear Editor
I read with disdain the changes occurring the Philatelic bureau in Calicut.Pardon my ignorance regarding India-Post’s philosophy on Philatelic Bureaus for past 40 years. I’ve not much to say as to who or what prompts changes to Philatelic Bureaus in India. Whenever I visited Indian Philatelic Bureaus in cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi it is pathetic to see critical changes in Philatelic bureaus and services offered to public. Currently, I do not visit philatelic bureaus when I visit India as I do not want to waste their time & my precious time in those cluttered philatelic bureaus where they cannot offer most stamps issued in that year or cater to philatelic needs. On the same token, when I visit countries that have been recently freed such as Croatia, Estonia and even the Carribean countries, I feel as if they were waiting for me to visit their philatelic bureaus and in offering information, & making available all the stamps, FDC’s without interruptions in one sitting.
Really speaking, invitations to visit philatelic bureau are all over in their towns,  because they feel proud of their philatelic bureaus and the services they offer. Believe me, they are getting better each year after year, in addition! It is a shame that the India-Post seems to under-rate importance of philately in terms of revenue it generates. I hope they could understand their future, given the growth of IT and coming demise of letter-writing. Here, the US postal service is experiencing severe revenue losses in their mail-business due to IT , but USPS is smart in seriously pursuing philatelists’ help to prop them up!
I hope some sense prevails in the minds of rule-makers and the public & philatelists get proper hearings in due course, in a democratic manner!
Dr. N.H.Nayak, California

Readers Desk -The proposal to relocate the existing Philatelic Bureau – Calicut

The proposal to relocate the existing Philatelic Bureau

It has come to the knowledge of philatelic fraternity of Calicut that Post Master General (PMG has ordered a relocation of the existing Philatelic Bureau of Calicut. We understand that the PMG’s proposal is to shift the existing facility from the present exclusive room to a reduced and remote single-window counter.

At the outright, we, the philatelic fraternity of Calicut wish to record our strong protest on  the above said proposal. It is with great embarrassment and shame that we like to record our dissent to this callous and hurried decision that a senior official such as PMG has taken.  In this regard, we wish to note that any such decision to rob  the basic facility, room and the infrastructure of the existing Philatelic  Bureau would be regarded as a disgrace and humiliation to the Postal Department itself.  Moreover, the PMG has failed to understand the very basic nature of what the philatelic bureau should be doing : to sell stamps. However, as the order to shift the Philatelic Bureau to a single-counter operation is a matter against the public interest, we wish to mention the following points:

  • The Philatelic Bureau of Calicut is one of the most leading philatelic bureaus in India and is catering to a large geographic area extending from the northern most district of Kasargod, Kannur, Kozhikode, Waynad, and Malappuram, covering the 5 districts. It is the largest Philatelic Bureau in Kerala in terms of exemplary services it is rendering to these districts.
  • Unlike other mundane services of the Postal Department, catering the philatelic interest is a financially rewarding and a highly specialised job. Hence, it is imperative that the Bureau should be housed in a proper environment which is conducive to do business with philatelists. Before attempting to relocate the Bureau at Calicut, PMG should take a closer look at the ambiance and the facilities enjoyed by the other 3 Philatelic Bureaus in Kerala. In no way, the Philatelic Bureau of Calicut should be degraded. In no way, the Philatelic Bureau of Calicut should be standing small in facilities and infrastructure. We will not spare any action from PMG on this regard. PMG’s order to relocate will debase the Bureau form its best position to its worst position.
  • We wish to bring to your kind notice that prior to the existing facility, the Bureau was housed in a dungeon at a corner of the post office. There was absolutely no provision for conducting day-today business. Without even a proper counter, a computer or any facility to exhibit the products, the services of the Philatelic Bureau had plummeted to an all time low. Deficiencies in the execution of the monthly dispatches were frequent. At that time, even ill treatments of philatelists were reported to the Postal department due to the infrastructure inadequacy.  It was the full realisation of that grave situation which propelled the postal authorities to set up a proper room and infrastructure for the Bureau. Hence, dismantling the existing facility would be the most ill planned decision PMG can take. We wonder what has propelled PMG to reach such a hasty and unwarranted conclusion. We wonder if there is any other ulterior motive for PMG to stress and strain the operations of the Bureau by displacing it to a single-counter operation.

·          It was only two years ago that the present facility of the Bureau was commissioned after

spending a huge money for setting up the display counters and the storage units. Postal Department must be ashamed to give away such a wooden-panelled interior decorated facility for no reason as to house an alternate service. The efficacy of such an action is very questionable, as it will point to ill planning and wastage of public money. Moreover, degrading the existing Philatelic Bureau by squeezing it to a single-counter unit is very unacceptable to the 1000s of philatelists who does regular business with the Bureau.

  • The Philatelic Bureau of Calicut has nearly 9000 registered members and 3000 of them are active members. There is also a very active across-the-counter sale of philatelic materials. It can be stated that Bureau brings in an average of  Rs.5 to Rs. 6 lakhs into Postal coffers every month. Dismissing it to a corner of the post office, with limited room for operations and with no storage or display facility is against the interests of the philatelists and a shame to the postal organization!
  • PMG must appreciate the fact that Philately is not only a profit centre for Postal Department but also the very essence, spirit and the great heritage of the postal service. Hence, any attempt to degrade the Bureau will not be a worthy objective.

Hence, as we are requesting the PMG to refrain from any such meaningless action of relocating the Philatelic Bureau, we are informing the fellow philatelists in India to be alert and proactive towards such moves from the Postal Department.

Thanking You,
For Calicut Philatelic Club,

Word Of advice – For Philatelists

After a Spate of RTI’s on some extremely genuine issues at Dehradun Philatelic Bureau some remarks have appeared on some Blogs wherein few people are trying to justify their roles .
We have a word of advice as true friends of them and hope they understand the larger issue and be of help to Philatelic fraternity rather than put their necks on the stumbling block .
It is good to cultivate Philately as a Hobby , it is good to render advise and expertise to Department of Post on Designing , Planning of Philatelic issues, it is good to do without any remuneration. It is a GOOD social Service but only if Individuals /organisations are Free Lancers or NGO’s . However the color of this service changes if Individuals happen to be in the service of State/Central Govt and indulge in such Voluntary services without Permission of their Superiors or Departments. A FEW RTI’s are in the pipeline to expose/ explore their role and relations with such Cartels with or without remuneration.
So we advise such individuals to let facts come to light to avoid embarrassment to their Departments / Themselves.Let Good sense prevail over them.
Such persons though holding Posts in the Govt are writing comments and associating themselves with Private Players/ Organisations/Stamp Shows which exposes them to great risk of being asked to explain their roles and connections with such issues . They are committing themselves to such misdeeds without possibly realising it. Our sincere advise to such Individuals to be careful and do not get embroiled in such misadventures.
However this should not discourage philatelist to actively take part in exhibition, festival, Stamps Fairs as Indian Stamp Ghar believes in promotion of philately and only advising people to be careful while commenting and misadventures should not be misinterpreted as discouraging them to be part of such activities/hobbies.

News – Forgery In the Name Of INDIA Post

Forgery In the Name Of INDIA Post
It is now confirmed  that  two booklets namely Polar arctic region and Antarctica preservation are Forgery produced by a dealer/cartel of Dealers of Dehradun and is being sold under the brand name of India Post.The same has been confirmed by Dehradun GPO that it has not been printed by them nor they have given any order ,nor they have issued any stamps against these book lets  nor they have been sold from the bureau so no money deposited  in UCR account.They also confirmed  that these booklets have not been given to them for sale to sell from counter.
All this amounts to infringement of INDIA POST copyright , Fraud , Business Malpractice and Criminal offence.
The fate of other booklets on Aids ,Louis Braille, 25 Years of Dehradun Philatelic bureau, RBI, IMA  (3 book lets) will also soon come to light.So far all the innocent philatelist have made purchase from this dealer/cartel of Dealers   thinking that it is India Post issued material and paid unnecessarily high premium to this dealer/Lover of philately/Promoter of Philately.
Now we advise the Philatelists all over India/World to beware and stop any further dealing with this dealer/cartel till the truth comes out.All the philatelists are advised  not to entertain such  dealers as this cartel/dealer are not promoters of philately but are bringing a bad name  to philately and they are killing the philately for short term Personal Monetary gains.
We have also information from reliable source that the bureau philatelic In charge has been transferred/suspended and new person appointed Mr Rajesh Kumar( apparently reluctant to put his neck into such a mess), has already given his medical and fate of Dehradun bureau is still under Mr K.N.Sharma and this dealer has been asked not to sit in bureau and all the 8-9 Philatelic Exhibit frames have been dismantled  in the bureau and exhibits of this dealer which used to be put in bureau have been removed.

Wait for more development on this issue and do not buy any material till you get confirmation that they are original.We request India Post to take suitable action against this criminal offence and offenders before they lose further revenue. Such infringements if not reported or checked may Prompt UPU, FIP , FIAP etc to take actions  against INDIA POST. The credibility of   Indian Philately will be immensely affected if no action is taken on such issues.

Our Experience of Dehradun Philatelic Bureau

Our Experience of Dehradun Philatelic Bureau:-

We have received copy of  another RTI filed against Dehradun Philatelic Bureau activities . This time Questions have been asked about the Stamp Booklets issued by Uttaranchal Circle through Dehradun Philatelic Bureau. The details about Booklets issued in last Three years have been asked . The Booklets were not available at the Bureau but easily available through a Cartel / Dealers at exorbitant rates and hence Philatelists denied these Booklets .
The RTI applicant Mr H K Jain wishes to Know Quantity Printed , Printers Name , Sponsors , Buyer’s Details Etc.
Lets hope  true facts emerge or again the facts are wrapped under the Carpet and the Officials and the Cartel are allowed to indulge in such un ethical activities and deprive the innocent Philatelists access to such Items.

The Department of Posts must withdraw the Powers of Postal Circles on such issues.

Our Experience Of Dehradun Philatelic Bureau

It seems that the level of Corruption and mismanagement is very deep rooted in Dehradun Philatelic Bureau . The number of Complaints and RTI’s being received are pointing towards rampant mismanagement and favouritism which is being shown towards a particular dealer / cartel who are siphoning of material from the bureau and selling them in the market at exorbitant rates openly defying the Laws of Land and thus depriving genuine Philatelist their rightful dues .
We are quite sure that many of our readers must have had such experiences to share with or may have already filed complaints . Please do let us know about such experiences so that appropriate action is initiated . Please remember ” JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED”.

We are attaching a RTI Filed by Sh OP Gupta on this issue. We must compliment  Mr OP Gupta for taking up this issue with the authorities and having the moral courage to expose such wrong doings . Indianstampghar compliments such real life heroes . Well Done Sir

Our Experience & Fraudulent working of Dehradun Philatelic Bureau

I fully agree and endorse with the views expressed by Mr Sreejesh Krishnan, Bangalore and Mr Mahender Sharma, of Guwahati. as published on your website on 12.08.2010 & 13.08.2010. respectively on the Mal-functioning rather fraudulent working of Dehradun Philatelic Bureau.I have faced similar experience as by fellow philatelists.
Uttaranchal Postal Circle issued a Special Cover On 06 July,2010. on Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR) but could get only two covers by deputing a person to philatelic Bureau Dehradun at least 10 times. Sh K.N.Sharma , in charge of Philatelic Bureau Dehradun asked my representative for whom you want this cover. All the covers already sold out with in two days. I myself contacted Mr Sharma on 11.08.2010.and he told since I am from Chandigarh we can not give covers to outsiders. I contacted Sh D.S.Rana, Sr Post Master G.P.O. Dehradun on 11.08.2010 on his cell and narrated the whole story. Sh Rana asked me to contact on next day.I again contacted Sh Rana on 12.08.2010. Sh Rana told all the covers were sold immediately after the release and now these are out of stock as only 200 covers were printed. The version of Senior Post master is totally wrong and can not be accepted. In case if only 200 covers were printed than how 200 covers with signature of  Sr Post Master  were carried along with the Baton from Sports Complex Parade ground to G.P.O., Dehradun. It is not clear who authorised these carried cover which bear two special post marks one as usual and another one, “India, Go For Gold” Queen’s Baton Relay. Dehradun and also show logo of CWG Shera some thing very strange. These covers bears the signature of Sr Post Master, Sh D.S.Rana and are being sold in Grey market for Rs 500/-.
I informed Senior Post Master, QBR covers are easily available in J&k, Chandigarh, Lucknow,  Shimla, Guwahati, and other bureaus of India Post.

Also G.P.O Dehradun issued a special cover on 10.04.2010.on World guide Centenary, I asked my Chandigarh based philatelist who is senior executive with a company presently posted at Dehradun to purchase 2 such covers. He visited the bureau and a dealer was siting along with Mr Sharma and the dealer told that covers are not to be sold to outsiders.The special covers which are released from Uttranchal Postal circle are being designed by the two dealers of Dehradun and their name is also put on special covers to promote them. This cover is being sold by the dealer only.
Similar is the story of two book lets issued by the circle on 19.12..2009. (as claimed) Arctic Preservation and Antarctic Preservation I contacted Mr Sharma bureau in charge immediately for 2 book lets and he  informed that these are sold on 19.12.2009. The dealer who designed and most probably got it printed by using India Post logo  selling it at Rs 300/-. to 500/- each against the issuing price of Rs50/- each.
These are the few incidents which tell about the nefarious activities being carried out in Dehradun and smack of corruption.

Immediate action including probe from vigilance angle is required. Persons of India Post responsible for such activities be shunted out of Dehradun on administrative ground so that fair probe is possible.

Secondly specials covers on QBR were issued by India Post and not sponsored by any body else.Than why these covers were not sold by bureau, who grabbed all these covers.

On condition of anonymity, it has been told by some one that entire philatelic material of GPO is scanned in the room of some officials by this powerful dealer and then such items  put to sale.

Contributed By Mr O.P.Gupta, Chandigarh

Our Experience with Philatelic Bureau-Dehradun

WE are bringing out another readers experience at the Dehradun Philatelic Bureau. The complaints are similar and it is need of the moment for authorities to take action on these issues and prevent this rampant mismanagement and high handedness at Dehradun Philatelic Bureau. The issues raised are highlighted below.

Dear sir
I am from Dehradun  and  I would like to share some real facts and my experience  of Dehradun Philatelic Bureau.

1. Uttrakhand Postal Circle released six booklets  on various subjects  during  last  six months but not a single piece is available for common philatelist like me @ Rs 50 the issue price but you can surprisingly purchase any number of copies  @Rs 400 each from a Particular Dealer in Dehradun.

2.Uttrakhand  Postal circle’s official  provided  only 100 pieces of CWG Baton relay Covers  for  philatelists all over  India  .This piece of information was given to me by Mr Sharma  Bureau in charge . Again you can purchase any number of this  CWG Baton relay Covers   on hefty premium from a dealer  sitting next to Mr Sharma. Some preferential treatment has been given to this dealer by some official in India Post.

3. Dehradun Philatelic Bureau has not provided  any FDC, Cancellations of FDC ,information sheets since last  two years  .

4. Philatelic deposit a/c  supply is very  erratic  .Some a/c holders  have not received  any supply since last three years . In supply There is no  FDC, NO  information sheet even if you mentioned in   your a/c   You can receive supply only when you   complain to   high officials other wise no supply is sent.

5. There are no   Tamil Conference  stamps for person like me   in this   Dehradun Philatelic Bureau  But  bureau received some  400 sheets of this stamp. It appears bulk quantity of sheets has been taken by this local dealer.

6.  There is no Rath Yatra Puri Temple  m/s  in  bureau  for common philatelists / Collectors who want to collect such a stamp or Miniature sheet.

7   The Dehradun Bureau does not send any supplies to sub Post Offices maintaining Philatelic Bureaus like Roorkee , Haridwar , Sharanpur etc so Philatelists in these places run Pillar to post to get a few copies of stamps either from Delhi/ Shimla or From dealers . The sale of stamps should continue upto six months but some particular issues are out of stock within 48 to 72 hours of release/receipt.

Dehradun Philatelic Bureau is working  for  dealer sitting next to  Mr Sharma  Bureau in charge He is sole owner of this bureau  . He  does whatever  he want . I  do my purchase  from Shimla and Delhi   It costs me heavily  and I missed some items regularly.

Contributed By:- Mr Sanjeev Jain, Dehradun